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WinLAWN Management is one of the premier lawn care companies servicing the Johns Creek, GA area with custom-made lawn treatments plans. Our core focus areas are the things property owners care most about regarding turf care – comprehensive lawn fertilization during the growing season and year-round protection from weeds. We like to say we accomplish in 7 annual treatments what most of our competitors require, and charge you for, 8-12 treatments to get similar results. It’s hard to tell what’s actually in the tanks of all the different lawn service companies but rest assured, WinLAWN cuts no corners and works very hard every day to give our customers more bang for their buck. When you break down our 7 treatments you will see that our customers actually get 12-14+ different applications of pre-emergents, post-emergents, and different forms of fertilization throughout the year, many of which are blended into a single treatment, that you pay 1 low competitive price for. We believe our 7-treatment plan is perfect for Georgia lawns. Anything else is too much. When you choose WinLAWN our customers know they are hiring a company that delivers great results and value.

“My family decided to hire WinLAWN last year and the result’s we’ve seen in our yard have been quite positive. I would definitely recommend them to other people looking for a weed control and fertilizing firm.” – Raghuram D – Johns Creek Homeowner

Your lawn is so much more than just dirt and grass. It is where your home is, where your kids play, where your pets hang out, and where your pride lays. WinLAWN proudly serves the Johns Creek area with a full suite of lawn care services including weed control, fertilizing, aeration, overseeding, fungicide applications, and so much more. Our core lawn care plan provides the essentials to having a lush, weed-free, green lawn. Our liquid and granular fertilizer applications will stimulate lawn growth, density, and a vibrant green color while our pre and post emergent weed controllers provides year-round protection from hundreds of broadleaf and grassy weeds. An application of lime is added to our treatments to condition your soil and to aid with fertilizer uptake. Our services will give you peace of mind because we only use the highest quality products, that are applied with the best equipment, at the right time of the year.

At WinLAWN our main goal is to establish long term relationships with our customers by providing quality and dependable yard care services with guaranteed results. Our service technicians are company-trained and experienced in all aspects of lawn, tree, and shrub care. They are fully trained by our company owner himself and watched closely to make sure they follow all company protocol to ensure that our lawn applications are applied evenly. Each technician can be trusted to provide professional weed control, fertilization, lawn aeration, overseeding, pest control, and fungicide treatments because of the extensive training we put them through.

The Johns Creek area and North Georgia in general has its fair share of aggressive weeds. They are a nuisance and hurt the value of your property. Our weed control program specializes in broadleaf and grassy weed elimination. We also take a scientific approach to fertilizing the lawns we manage, careful not to burn out or over-fertilize, which is something our short-sighted competitors care little about. Our goal is to keep your lawn looking beautiful and weed free all season long and to become the largest Johns Creek lawn care service in GA by keeping our customers happy. Don’t hire a lawn spraying service unless you know what you’re getting. For a weed free and green lawn trust the turf care professionals at WinLAWN who are absolutely committed to providing industry leading value for our customers.

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