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May 23, 2017
Turf Magazine – Turf Care Research
May 23, 2017

Note – we believe there is information and insight in this content that is valuable to homeowners, but it is important to note that the products referenced in the pages we link to require licenses to obtain and are generally only available to professional lawn care companies. Every state is different, so please reference state-by-state licensing requirements. This content exemplifies how professional lawn care services are “better armed” to deal with weeds, diseases, etc.

Those who work in green industries understand the importance of a healthy environment. Healthy environments help create healthier, happier, and thriving communities. Bayer’s turf care advice and line of products for turf care service professionals are designed to help these firms create those healthy environments for better communities. Bayer’s commercial line of products are designed to help lawn care professionals in areas including golf course management, lawn and landscape management, production ornamentals, pest management, vector control, weed control, lawn treatment options, lawn sprays, and vegetation management. Their science and expertise has been used to bring innovation to the forefront since 1863 in many different fields. Their breakthroughs have been used to create better products in professional lawn care for over a century.

Valuable Turf Care Research

Lawn and landscape professionals face many challenges in the scope of their work. Among them is being effective and providing customers with what they want. Additionally, they have to be able to do so while following individual regional regulations and guidelines while staying on top of some of the most recent trends in lawn care. Improving the environment while protecting resources is among one of the most significant challenges lawn care professionals face.

Product Guides

As science uncovers new information, lawn care products are reformulated to meet changing needs. Here, professional lawn care services can view specific product information and formulations in PDF formats as well as learn about new products. These pages also allow professionals to locate dealers, contact sales and support and read up about some newsworthy breakthroughs in the industry. Product Search

White Papers

Professional lawn care business and landscapers can view the white papers about specific issues in these pages. Whether it is a particular invasive pest or information on different types of crabgrass, these pages offer insights as to the pathology of a problem and provide solutions for treating them. Each topic is viewable in PDF format in an easy-to-read layout.

Golf Course Management

Golf course turf management relies heavily on perfectly manicured fairways and greens. Here, professionals can learn about some of the newest products available to keep turf in the best possible shape. Helpful videos along with information on fungicides, weed killer, insecticides, and growth regulators are available here as well as useful videos and relevant articles to keep golf course management professionals well-informed.

YouTube Channel for Industry Pros

This day in age, YouTube is an incredible reference tool. Professional lawn care services can use Bayer’s YouTube videos to help add another layer of understanding. Informational tutorials cover a range of topics from the science and pathology behind specific lawn care issues to techniques in cultivating and maintaining beautiful turf.

The lawn care industry is continuously evolving. Between changing trends in what customers ask for and scientific breakthroughs in lawn care and landscaping, Bayer’s professional pages are designed to keep green professionals fully abreast of the happenings within the industry.