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May 23, 2017
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As one of the best-selling magazine in the country, Better Homes and Gardens first launched in 1922. Interestingly enough, its founder was President Woodrow Wilson’s former United States Secretary of Agriculture, a guy named Edwin Meredith. The magazine is published monthly by the Meredith Corp. and is dedicated to providing interesting articles related to home, entertaining, cooking, crafts, decorating, healthy living, yard care, and gardening. Embedded in the content is a wealth of lawn care advice that touches upon lawn treatment options, weed control, lawn fertilization, turf care, and general lawn maintenance. It has also been published in an Australian edition since July 1978 and is the country’s sixth best-selling consumer magazine, branching off into a television show as well. Stephen Orr has been BHG’s Editor-in-Chief since 2015. Circulation was 7,624,910 that year, and the corporate headquarters are currently in Des Moines, IA.

With the many trusted and inspired gardening tips available on the gardening pages of, you can create the perfect front and backyard landscape features. Learn all about flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, and groundcovers from planting to pruning and everything in-between. And, if your gardening passion happens to be roses and the many varieties to choose from, you can learn all about them, too. Let the online BHG gardening pages help you to turn your yard into a garden showplace all year-round.

Yard Care Advice

As a staple of American homes for almost 100 years, readers have always trusted Better Homes & Gardens for advice about everything from their homes to their gardens. Now, it’s even easier to access all of that valuable info online, including:

Yard Care

Taking care of your lawn and garden can be a big job. Most yards have a lawn, flowers, shrubs, and trees, so knowing how to care for each species can be daunting without someplace you can trust to go to for valuable info. So, from the quality of your soil to pruning, mulching, lawn fertilization, plant fertilization, watering, and weed control, this page can fill in a lot of the blanks.

Weed Control

Nobody likes weeds, so this is the perfect place to learn about weed control. Discover ways to apply weed killer and win the war against those pesky weeds. Don’t let them take over your lawn or landscape. Get them under control once and for all with BHG’s Weed Killer Guide and Weed Killer 101 to study weed killer options. You can also become well-informed about pet-friendly lawn treatments for your lawn, lawn spraying techniques, and more.

Bugs, Diseases, & Weeds

Weeds, diseases, and lawn pests are some of the biggest yard problems. They can wreak havoc on your lawn and property. This page can assist you with identifying just what is doing all that damage and how to control it.

Yard Pest

From squash bugs to sawflies, every yard pest can be conquered with a little knowledge. And, the most trusted and thorough knowledge base is right here on the BHG pests page. With links to concise articles on all yard pests that can bug you and your plants, trees, shrubs, and lawn, you’re in the right place. Even your rose garden can be made safe from pests when you’re armed with the proper pest control related information.

Shrub Care

The beauty and versatility of shrubs are well-known. Unfortunately, caring for them properly can be a mystery to many homeowners. Helping them to grow, prosper, and look as beautiful as possible requires some basic yet very specific knowledge pertaining to each species of shrub. Learn all about them here, from spring-flowering bushes to beautifully symmetrical hedges.

Lawn Care

Your lawn is the centerpiece of your yard. Keeping your lawn green, as well as weed, pest, and disease-free, can be a daunting task. But, with this BHG page filled with links to articles about everything lawn-related, from sod to mowing, fertilizing, lawn aeration, watering, and even surviving drought, you can become the master of your lawn. No time for this, just contact your local lawn care service provider.


Proper garden and lawn fertilization is vital for having blooming flowers or a perfectly green lawn. So, knowing what type and when to use fertilizer so that you nourish them well is crucial. This page is dedicated to fertilizing your yard and can be a boon to the beauty of everything in it. From lush green grass to gorgeous orchids, hydrangeas, azaleas, and even tomato plants, you’ll find all the info you need right here to complement your other yard care endeavors.

Landscaping Advice & Ideas

Chances are, your yard could use some inspired landscaping ideas to beautify it, give it depth and distinction, and make it more of the sanctuary that you’ve always dreamed of. Well, for all of that, you can just open this BHG landscaping project page for everything you need to accomplish it and more. From ornamental grasses to lilies, succulents, and even window boxes, you’ll find it all here.


Next to lawn care, caring for the trees on your property can be the most important job. They’re beautiful but can require some basic maintenance. Gaining the knowledge to plant, nurture, and when necessary, trim those trees is your best first step. Learn all about trees, from Japanese maples to palm, crabapple, crape myrtle, and spruce trees on this BHG tree page.

So, now that you are aware of just how much gardening and yard care related information you can access at, all you have to do is pick your favorite area and become an expert in your own right. If after you’ve done that, however, you find that you lack time to deal with all of that lawn maintenance, planting, pruning, fertilizing, weeding, and mowing, just call your local lawn service and put your yard in their capable hands.