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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

With so many homes in the U.S. that have lawns and gardens, yard care can be quite a chore. And, the more you know about all the particulars of the many types of lawns, pests, and diseases that can easily befall them, the better off you’ll be as a homeowner or property manager. One of the best places for everyday citizens and lawn services to find a wealth of lawn care related research is at the Clemson University website.

About Clemson

According to most polls, Clemson is a top 25 university among all of the U.S. public universities. The Clemson Tigers are proud to be fiercely passionate competitors. They’re also ranked #1 in South Carolina both for value as well as ROI. Founded in 1889, the Clemson Agricultural College has a slew of amazing traditions, including the “Tiger Rag,” Clemson blue cheese, Howard’s Rock, Homecoming and Tigerama, the First Friday Parade, Founders Day, and the Alma Mater Salute, just to name a few.  The school contributes a variety of research to their Extension program that is of value to lawn services, property owners, and other turf care professionals including general lawn care, tree & shrub maintenance, lawn treatments, pest control, handling problems with wildlife, and much more. Thanks to Clemson, it’s all covered on an easy to navigate website and presented in a way that makes complicated matters like weed control and lawn fertilization easy to understand.

Valuable Lawn Care Research

The Clemson research pages and their numerous links cover a wide range of useful info for homeowners who are battling all kinds of lawn maintenance problems, including:

Lawn Topics

This page has a long list of links on it that covers everything from lawn aeration to winterizing your lawn and everything in-between. So, let’s say for example, that you want to know something about grass care in areas where sun is lacking. You would simply click on the Growing Grass in Shade link and learn all about how to handle this issue. This page outlines some of the guidelines you can follow for making this common lawn problem more manageable. It’s just one of the many lawn-based subjects that you can learn about, and your lawn will thank you for making it more lush, green, and forever fabulous. The information is easy enough to read for a novice but can be equally valuable to the most experienced lawn service operators.

Tree Topics

Perhaps your yard’s most common problem is the trees. Well, this page is your one-stop shop for everything related to them that you need to know. From choosing the perfect location for planting trees to pruning them, it’s all covered here by one of the many links. If your tree questions involve fertilizing, transplanting, and watering your trees and shrubs, you’re sure to find a link here that covers everything about the subject. And, if it’s a specific type of tree you need info about, that’s covered, too. From birches to sycamores and every tree species in-between, they’re all there in all their glory.

Shrub Topics

Shrubs can make your yard so much more interesting and beautiful, but many homeowners don’t know a whole lot about them. No problem, however, since this Clemson page has got it all. From the job of choosing best shrubs for your yard to planting them correctly, transplanting shrubs from one part of your yard to another, and even watering, fertilizing, and trimming them, no subject is left uncovered on this comprehensive page with a very list of specific links to choose from. And, many of these links are also included in Spanish, which is very handy. From azaleas to witch hazel, they’re all included.

Weeds & Weed Control

What yard doesn’t have weeds from time-to-time? Every season seems to bring with it a new weed problem, so this page will probably become your go-to place for all things weeds and weed control related. Whether you’re dealing with broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, or white clover, they’re all covered on Clemson’s weed control page. Who even knew that there were that many species of weeds? Well, there are, and this page will help you to identify them and then eliminate them safely and without damaging your delicate lawn. For chemical control of weeds, their advice includes using EPA approved lawn treatments with proper lawn spraying protocols.

Insects & Diseases of Plants

Now, this is a subject that often scares the heck out of homeowners. This is a natural reaction since they can destroy your lawn and gardens before you even know they’re there. Together or separately, they’re the enemies of your grass, trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. So, that’s why Clemson added links for insects and diseases in trees, shrubs, flowers, lawns, fruits and veggies, and even indoor plants. For example, the link to Insects & Diseases of Lawns will give you another long list of links that cover everything from brown patches to white grub management.

Other Plant Problems

You might think that only the aforementioned insects and diseases, weeds, and other problems are the only issues that homeowners like you must face when caring for their yards. The truth is, however, that there are also some other plant and lawn problems that you need to know about. This page has links to many of the ones yard services hate the most including drought, cold damage, tree decline, needle and leaf drop, different mold types, holes in your lawn, and thatch. All of these issues can turn your beautiful, green grass and yard into something that doesn’t look so good. You can learn about how to control them from the links on this plant problem page.

Wildlife Prevention & Control

Until you’ve had to deal with critters digging holes in your lawn or eating your flowers, you may not have even considered learning about preventing wildlife damage. Even birds can pose a plant damage problem. So, the first step in controlling them is to learn how to identify the damage being done and place the blame on a specific animal, reptile, bird, or rodent. This page offers a complete list of links for identifying, controlling, and getting assistance with wildlife problems including lawn repair. And, there are also separate links to pages specifically relating to birds, carnivores, reptiles, rodents, and other mammals.

Water-Related Topics

All lawns and gardens need water, of course, so water-related topics are vital to the health and well-being of your yard. But, even more than that, many other topics revolve around water to learn about as well. They include water pollution, freshwater shorelines, salt marshes, wetlands, and container gardens. All of these topics are covered in the links on this page along with rain garden plants, porous pavement, ponds, aquatic weed control, and water garden algae problems. Everything you ever wanted to know about stormwater and water resources can be found in the many links on this page.

So, armed with all of this comprehensive info, advice, and step-by-step methods for controlling problems and helping your lawn and gardens to thrive, you have the weapons at hand for conquering whatever your yard can throw at you. On the other hand, if after you’ve learned all of it, you decide that you don’t have the time to deal with all of those issues, making them a part of a professional lawn care service regimen could be the perfect way to go. You’ll have a professionally maintained yard as well as more time to enjoy your life.