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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Whether you’re new to gardening or fancy yourself as a bit of a yard care expert, having access to the right information is essential. It’s easy to forget that things like landscaping, lawn care, and weed control are very much community disciplines. They’re built on a wellspring of grassroots knowledge and lessons passed down through generations of green-fingered, yard care loving growers.

It is a heritage that still endures today, particularly in the influence of websites like Dave’s Garden. This long-standing platform is one of the most popular gardening forums on the web. It currently has over 700,000 members and is home to lively message boards, community galleries, articles, videos, competitions, and much more.

If you’re keen to learn more about the grass, flowers, veggies, plants, or insects in your yard, this is the place to be. Much of the content on Dave’s Garden is user-generated, so it has been put together by people from all walks of life, including many lawn maintenance professionals. You can ask for advice, offer your own suggestions, or chat with fellow members. The important thing is that you have fun.

Valuable Research

The website contains a wealth of material including garden care, weed control, lawn treatments, lawn spraying equipment, lawn fertilization, weed killer options and other lawn and yard care related topics. Some of this information is very detailed, so it can be helpful to know where to start searching. You can navigate to any of the following pages.

Gardening Articles and Advice

Dave’s Garden posts a new article on this page every day. They are written by a team of experienced gardeners and turf care pros, and they cover all kinds of different topics. It is a great place to start if you’re searching for basic tips and advice. However, there are also posts on more complex subjects like how to raise chickens and build backyard water features. In fact, pretty much any question that you have about botany or landscaping can be answered here.

Plant Topics and Images

It is hard to find a more comprehensive plant index than the one on Dave’s Garden. More than 40,000 species are featured here. Fortunately, there’s an easy to use search function. All you have to do is enter the name of the plant that you want to investigate. The page for each species (roses, for example) provides a full list of known varieties. There are color images for every entry, as well as details about their height, origins, identifying characteristics, and growing requirements.

Insect Images and Guides

The insect index works in the same way as the PlantFiles described above. It contains images and descriptions for more than 7,000 bugs and creepy crawlies. Gardeners can benefit from a familiarity with these visitors, as knowing how to recognize them is an important part of maintenance and pest control. Whether you want to know which flowers are irresistible to butterflies or how to identify veggie destroying aphids, this index has the answers. It’s an excellent page to browse if your lawn care service has picked up on the presence of grass killing bugs. Many DG members post helpful advice if they have had their own battles with garden pests.


The BirdFiles page is another mammoth index. There are over 3,000 entries and more than 8,000 images featured here. Like the insect and plant files, the page is constantly being updated by website admins and the members themselves. This is something that Dave’s Garden is very proud of; the community effort which works to keep its reference files as accurate and complete as possible. You can use the search tool to find information on a particular species. There are images and descriptions for each entry.

Garden Showcase

For many members, the Garden Showcase page is the best part of the site. It gives them a chance to share beautiful images of their own lawns, plants, veggie patches, and other creations. Some use this page to flaunt the results of a fabulous landscaping or lawn service. So, whether you’re in love with your summer tomatoes or you just want to show off that lush, green lawn, get snapping and posting here. Or, have a browse through the most recent pictures and leave some positive comments for your fellow gardeners.

Gardenology Knowledge Base

The Gardenology page is an invaluable resource for gardeners of all abilities. As far as hobbies go, gardening is a varied and far-reaching discipline. It is common to come across words and terms that are unfamiliar. This is why Dave’s Garden provides its own dictionary. There are over 3,500 entries, so you’re bound to find the information you need. On the rare chance that you can’t find a definition, you’re encouraged to create a new entry. That way, future searches will be more successful, and you get to contribute to this ever-growing online resource. This database isn’t just limited to gardening information as it full of turf care, lawn spraying, lawn treatment, lawn fertilization, lawn maintenance, and weed control related entries.

Botanical Dictionary

The botanical dictionary works in much the same way as the gardenology page. However, this index is devoted to all of those tricky Latin terms. Just type the unknown word into the search box or find it in the alphabetical list. Each entry contains a brief definition of the Latin word. So, for example, the term ‘macilenta’ refers to a plant that is thin and lean. There is also a phonetical explanation, so you can learn how to pronounce it correctly if it’s an unusual one.

Community Forums

Like the Garden Showcase page, the community forums on Dave’s Garden are always full of activity. There are six separate forums, each with a slightly different purpose. To get accurate information or advice, make sure that you navigate to the right one. There is a general discussion forum, where members chat about everything from lawn maintenance, to green lawn care related tips, to cat-proofing flower beds. On the plant and seed trading section, people create lists of the plants they do and don’t have so that local exchanges can be made. There is also a section for personal journals and blogs, where you can read about the different gardening experiences that DG members are having. If you want to find out more about a particular member and browse their content, search for them on the Members forum.