High Performance + Very Affordable

Fescue is the most popular cool season grass in Georgia that is known for its ability to withstand the cold, stay green through the winter and is shade tolerant. Our customized eight treatment plan for fescue lawns includes the core building blocks it needs to stay beautiful year-round.

You get all of the following packed into eight lawn treatments throughout the year – for one low price per visit to your home!

  • 3 Pre-emergent Weed Control Applications
  • 4 Applications of Broad Spectrum Weed Control
  • 2 Applications of Granular Fertilizer
  • 3+ Applications of Liquid Lawn Fertilizer
  • Nitrogen Based Fertilizer
  • Micronutrient Based Fertilizer
  • 1 Application of Lime
  • Leading Products

First Treatment for New Customers:

New customers can choose to either have their lawn fertilized with slow-release granular fertilizer or we can spray a liquid application that includes both broad-spectrum weed control along with liquid fertilizer. The weed control product we use is effective against 100’s of weeds. Just let us know when signing up!