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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

If you’re looking for a comprehensive website to help you to connect with the advice, tips, and hints that you can trust when you have lawn and landscaping questions, and, you want one that also has great imagery for easy identification of weeds, diseases, pests, other lawn care problems, and grasses. Well, there’s really only one guy that you can always trust to steer you in the right direction.

In case you don’t already know it, Walter Reeves is truly a legend, especially in Georgia, as a respected leader in the world of lawn and landscaping. He is the guy lawn service companies look to for lawn maintenance advice. A Georgia native from Fayette County, Walter grew up on a farm, and never outgrew his love of farming, gardening, and turf care. Now, he’s well-known as a garden guru extraordinaire and has been hosting his own Saturday morning radio show, “The Lawn and Garden Show with Walter Reeves,” for 23 years. It’s on the WSB radio in Atlanta and, although the station is competing with 30 other stations for the Saturday morning listeners, Walter’s show is among the most listened-to radio shows in the city. And, in addition to local radio, Walter also has a Georgia Public Television show, “Your Southern Garden,” which he has been doing for ten years. He has also written and/or co-written nine amazing and informative gardening books.

Like most experts in just about every field imaginable, Walter has taken his high level of expertise to the internet in order to reach as many businesses and homeowners with yards that require proper lawn care and maintenance. His web pages aren’t just informative, they’re colorful, imaginative and have Walter’s smiling face greeting you on every page. It’s easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly.

Valuable Lawn Care Research

The Walter Reeves website offers a wealth of pages containing numerous links with loads of tried and true advice about lawns, shrubs, trees, and flowers plus a string of related videos on YouTube as well. You can always trust Walter’s expertise about everything yard care related, including:

Lawn Care Tips & Advice

These tips can help you keep your lawn green all year-round. Whether you have fescue, Bermuda, zoysia, or one of the new grasses like Princess 77, you’ll find everything you need to know here. Learn about lawn fertilization, aeration, watering, mowing, weed control plus a wide range of other related topics as part of your lawn maintenance regimen.

Weeds & Weed Control

Weeds are everywhere making turf care a constant battle. It seems like they are endless and impossible to control. But, armed with the info on this page, they don’t stand a chance against you. There are links here to concise data about everything from poison ivy to Virginia copperleaf to help you with your weed control initiatives. This channel provides plenty of advice about weed killers and lawn treatment strategies. Watch out weeds!

Weed ID & Info

The first step in controlling any species of weed is to identify it, and this is definitely the place to do that. If you can’t find it in the 57 pages of links with pics included, then you can post a picture of your mystery weed and get the Georgia Gardener’s expert opinion on what it is.

Lawn & Landscape Diseases

Besides weeds and insects, diseases can affect your lawn as well. You probably didn’t even realize how many there are, but you’ll find them here on the five pages of interactive links to everything from brown patch to dollar spot and everything in-between. Don’t let disease kill your lawn. Learn about them instead.

Disease ID & Info

Again, you can’t fight it if you don’t know what it is, so this page does it for you. It contains ten additional pages of disease info complete with close-up pictures. And, just like with weeds, you can post a picture of your lawn disease for an expert diagnosis just in case you can’t find your particular problem.

Insects & Pests

Insects, they’re not just creepy but some can be hazardous to your health and can damage or even destroy your lawn and gardens. This section will help you with pest control with its 11 pages of hints and links to advice about everything from bugs to squirrels.

Pest ID & Info

Pests are everywhere, so identifying them is a must if you’re going to control them. And, this ten-page section includes everything in the Southeastern pest world from green worms to blue lobster bugs. If it’s not here, you can just post a pic for identification or perhaps call a professional lawn service.

Ornamental Trees

Your yard probably has ornamental trees in it, as well, which means something else to maintain unless you have lawn care service to do it all for you. If not, this page has what you need to care for ornamental trees from Bradford Pears to Dogwoods.


Shrubs are a beautiful addition to any yard, but they do require proper pruning and can fall prey to wilting, warts, and pest infestations. Learn about boxwoods, azaleas, and even carefree varieties of roses for your garden on this page and its links. Don’t let your shrubs get the best of you when you can learn it all here.

YouTube Videos

In this high-tech digital world, many folks prefer instructional videos to having to take the time to read about a subject. No problem since Walter has more than 30 YouTube videos on a host of landscape lore from buying and planting to pruning and even rejuvenating sick plants. He even sings on a few of them!

Whether you are a lawn service pro with dozens of years of experience or a first-time homeowner having your first run-in with grass care, Walter Reeves is a great guy to trust for lawn and landscape advice and research.