Giant Foxtail
February 10, 2016
Crowfoot Grass
February 11, 2016

In the article entitled ‘Grass Simplified: Hire Someone‘ appeared in the NY Times on June 2nd, 2008. The article was written by Jay Ramano, who was a contributor to the NY Times, focused on real estate related matters.

The article combs through the different things a homeowner needs to think about when deciding to do lawn care themselves or hiring a professional lawn service to take care of it for them. The article discusses the challenges many homeowners deal with including having to work all week and then being forced to do their own yard care on the weekends. The author also interviews service professionals in the lawn care industry regarding specifics about lawn mowing plans and costs. The last part of the article talks about the difficulties in dealing with pest control, weed control, fertilizer and other chemical-related applications, the licensing needed to obtain the right products, and the skills required to apply them.

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