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February 4, 2016
Lawn Edger Buying Guide
February 4, 2016

When you have a lot of shrubs and bushes on your property, you know how much time and effort goes into trimming and shaping this type of greenery. For small jobs, pruning shears or hedge clippers will typically work. However, if you have a lot of shaping and trimming to do, hedge trimmers are certainly a useful tool to have in your workshop. There are two main types of hedge trimmers to choose from–gas or electric. Electric trimmers can further be broken down into corded or cordless. Each of them have benefits and pitfalls, but depending on the job at hand, you can narrow down your ideal hedge trimmers into one of the above categories.

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

Gas-powered trimmers are ideal for large jobs. They offer the largest range of motion as well as the longest operating cycle of the different categories. They cut faster than electric trimmers, and are more powerful than the corded and cordless electric trimmers as well. It may seem like a no-brainer to opt for the gas-powered trimmers then, but there are certainly some downfalls to the gasoline models. They are often louder and heavier than electric trimmers. They are also generally more expensive. If you are hesitant about mixing oil and gas to operate your outdoor power tools, the gasoline-powered hedge trimmers will not be ideal as they require two-cycle gas.

Electric Powered Hedge Trimmers

There are hedge trimmers which run on a rechargeable battery as well as those that need to stay plugged into an extension cord to operate. Electric hedge trimmers are lightweight and start up easily. They are great for smaller yards or areas to maintain. They are also considered more environmentally friendly than gas-powered trimmers because they do not have any emissions into the atmosphere. They are also quieter than gas powered trimmers. The downside of corded electric trimmers is that they have a limited range of use as they need to remain plugged into a power source at all times. As long as you are close to an outlet, you will be able to run this type of trimmer. Hedge trimmers that are cordless and run on a rechargeable battery are the lightest and quietest of the different types of trimmers. The downside is that they are not as powerful as gas-powered or even the corded models. They also have a very limited operating time. They are ideal for small jobs. Electric hedge trimmers range in price from $30-$150 at major hardware stores and vary depending on size and brand.

Considerations When Purchasing Hedge Trimmers

Aside from your budget, you want to consider a few different factors. One of the most significant considerations will be the size of the job you need to accomplish and the frequency with which landscaping will need to be done. If you only have a few shrubs or hedges to maintain, then a less powerful corded or cordless model will likely be more than sufficient. However, if you have many shrubs or hedges, or ones with large, thick branches to be trimmed or your shrubbery needs to be trimmed frequently, a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer may be ideal to meet your landscaping demands. Property owners also need to factor in the time and effort required to get the job done regularly versus just hiring a lawn care service to take care of it for them.

Top Hedge Trimmer Resources

With so many considerations when purchasing outdoor power equipment, it is hard to discern what is an honest, unbiased review and what is a paid sponsored review. Rest assured, we have compiled the ultimate resource guide for honest ratings and useful reviews so you can determine which trimmers will be the best to meet your needs.

The experts at Popular Mechanics tested four cordless hedge trimmers on a large section of shrubbery to give us some unadulterated reviews. Their tests considered run time, weight, and size to pick the best of the lot. The winning trimmer offered a long battery life and durability that rivaled gas-powered models in effectiveness with the runner-up coming close.

Top Ten Reviews takes testing hedge trimmers to a new level. They rate a variety of gas and electric trimmers to narrow down the playing field. Top Ten Reviews considers factors such as weight, maneuverability, features, and cutting capacity to settle on some of the best choices available for consumers.

Weed Eater Guides takes some of Amazon’s bestselling trimmers and puts them through the gamut of tests. The eight trimmers with the best user ratings are rigorously used to determine which ones fare better in a battery of situations that homeowners may put their trimmers through. They break down each trimmer into lists of pros and cons to help buyers determine which one will best meet their specific needs.

Amazon’s website offers consumers a comprehensive list of the bestselling power trimmers. You can compare trimmers on one page based on user reviews and price. For even more detailed information on specific models, you can read user ratings and reviews to get a good feel for what average homeowners think about their purchase including whether or not they would personally recommend a specific trimmer.

Hedge Trimmer Manufacturers

There are almost as many hedge trimmer manufacturers as there are hedge trimmers available to purchase on the market. Not all manufacturers are created equal. Knowing where a hedge trimmer comes from can ultimately help determine whether or not a company will stand behind their product. Sometimes this is just as important as the machinery itself. Here are some of the most popular hedge trimmer companies as well as a little bit of background about each company.

Black & Decker – Black & Decker is a common name in household consumer goods. They are known for a variety of products, but most notably for their line of tools. Black & Decker has been in business for over 100 years and has origins in Towson, Maryland. The company offers over 20 different hedge trimmers to choose from.

Craftsman – Craftsman is another commonly known name in tools. They are owned by Black + Decker but got its start as a brand of tools exclusive to Sears. Founded in 1927, Craftsman tools have graced many generations’ tool benches. Craftsman’s line of hedge trimmers is limited to five models, of which four are electric, and one is gas powered.

Dewalt – Dewalt prides itself on making versatile equipment that is rugged and tough. They are an American company that has been in business since 1924 when its headquarters opened in Pennsylvania. Since then, Dewalt has created an entire line of power tools that provides superior quality.

Earthwise – They have built a business around being earth-friendly, and have a long history to prove it. In 2006, Earthwise launched its first line of electric mowers. They offer nine different models of hedge trimmers ranging from small hand trimmers for smaller jobs to pole trimmers to reach taller hedges and privets.

Echo – This company provides rugged tools for both homeowners and professionals. Echo has been creating high-power tools for more than 40 years in North America. Their line of hedge trimmers has 10+ different models to choose from. All of Echo’s hedge trimmers offer a double-sided blade, and each has its own benefits depending on your situation.

Efco – With roots in Italy, Efco is a leading provider of power tools manufactured with Italian engineering. As one of the top three producers of handheld tools in Europe, Efco branched out into North America with its versatile line of power tools.

Ego – Ego is committed to providing tools that have the power of gas without the noise or the fuss. They are a relatively new company, having been in business for around twenty years. They offer several different versions of the same model of hedge trimmer–all of which have a 24″ blade but vary based on corded, cordless, or additional lithium-ion battery.

Greenworks – Another relatively new company, CPO Greenworks was founded in 2004 around the demand for cleaner tools and appliances. Their tools are designed on the idea of never producing a single trace of a carbon footprint. Their line of hedge trimmers includes a vast line of models, all which are powered by battery or electricity.

Husqvarna – One of the world’s oldest companies, Husqvarna has been operating for over 300 years. Having gotten its start manufacturing weapons, Husqvarna is a Swedish-based company that now produces a full range of lawn and landscape equipment.

Kobalt – Kobalt is the house brand of tools for Lowe’s. The company was founded in 1998, and since its inception, it has been committed to producing high-quality tools at bargain prices.

Makita – This Japanese company began selling the first electric planers in the 1950s. Today, they are well known for producing durable power tools all over the world. Makita offers sixteen different models of hedge trimmers, which provide everything from handheld power grass shears to pole trimmers designed to reach tall hedges and privets.

Milwaukee – Milwaukee tools was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1924. Since their inception, they have created a whole line of hand tools and power tools that are affordable and reliable for both home and professional use.

Poulan – Poulan is known for outdoor power equipment in the mid-level price range. They originated out of Shreveport, Louisiana and were later purchased by Electrolux, a company that is now owned by Husqvarna.

Remington – Another tool company that started in Milwaukee in the 1920s, Remington is known for its saws–chainsaws, pole saws, and hedge trimmers are among the best-selling products by Remington.

Ryobi – This brand is exclusive to Home Depot. Ryobi has been in business since 1943 but did not delve into manufacturing power tools until the 1960s. They are most commonly known for battery-powered tools.

Stihl – This company began in Germany in the 1920s as a chainsaw manufacturer. Stihl has stayed true to its roots and has remained committed to manufacturing some of the most well-known chainsaws in the world.

Sun Joe – Another relatively new line, Sun Joe and Snow Joe create tools that are designed for home use in both sun and snow. They strive to offer tools that help complete chores quickly and easily at an affordable price.

Tanaka – This is another company that hails from Japan. It was started in the 1940s and has since merged with Hitachi to offer an extensive line of indoor and outdoor power tools.

Toro – Toro was founded in 1914 to build tractor engines in Minnesota. Today, they are a leader in lawn equipment and are well-known for high-quality lawn mowers.

WORX – This Chinese company began making a name for itself in 1994.

Hedge trimmers are a versatile tool that many homeowners find themselves using at one time or another. Handheld pruning shears or hedge clippers can only go so far, and to meet the needs of most landscapes these days some sort of engine-driven hedge trimmers are almost a necessity. Depending on your landscape needs and the size of your yard, there are a variety of different options to meet your needs, but with hundreds to choose from among various manufacturers, there is bound to be a hedge trimmer on the market to get the job done.