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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

If you’re a landscape and/or lawn care professional, then you know how important it is to stay on top of new developments in the turf care industry. These days, demand for perfect, green lawns and perfectly manicured landscapes is at an all-time high. And, to get some of the best up-to-date advice about these topics as well as industry news geared for the landscaping and lawn service industry, there’s no better source than Landscape Management. This comprehensive magazine that we highly recommend is available both in print and digital media for your convenience.

Publishing of Landscape Management began in 1962 when James Nelson saw a serious need for concise coverage of information in the pesticide field and started a magazine called Pest Control, which later became Pest Management Professional. Then he started Weeds and Turf, which changed its name three years later to Weeds Trees & Turf and finally in 1987, it was changed to what it is today, Landscape Management. Initially, the magazine mainly focused on sports turf, like golf courses, but that changed in 1999 when the publication began to primarily focus on assisting lawn care professionals in the green industry with growing their lawn care and landscaping businesses.

The experienced staff at Landscape Management includes true industry leaders. And, the LM Editorial Advisory Board includes consummate lawn care and landscaping industry professionals from Georgia, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Nebraska, and Michigan. Landscape Management is owned by North Coast Media, whose many brands have spanned an average of 70 years.

Lawn Care & Landscape Research

Landscape Management is a major industry leader and provides valuable and trusted information to people in the landscaping and lawn care industries, including the following:

Green Industry News

Participating in a green industry requires being on top of recent developments. The Green Industry News pages do just that and include news articles about the Midwest Green Industry, as well as mergers and acquisitions within the industry. They also cover current happenings in regards to The LM150, which is the magazine’s list of the landscape industry’s top revenue-generating organizations. Everyone in the turf care industry should just go ahead and bookmark this page.

Turf & Ornamental Care

One of the subjects that usually interests most landscaping and lawn care professionals involves caring for these two very important facets of any yard. So, this category includes up-to-date info about recent technological developments like soil moisture probes, new fundamentals in the world of fertilizer and weed control, lawn treatment advice, spot sprayers, lawn aerators, and more.

Lawn Maintenance

Proper lawn maintenance is crucial to any landscaping and lawn care business, so knowing about the newest equipment available is a must. From new backpack blowers to lawn spraying equipment, to choosing lawn treatments, the informative articles are available here. And, if the robotic revolution interests you, it’s covered here as well.

Installation & Design

Here’s another area where innovations abound from major companies in the industry like Ditch Witch, John Deere, and New Holland. From backhoes to landscape lights, it’s sure to be covered by an article on these design and install pages. And, the right software can also play a big part in the success of your business, so check out the article about Drafix Software’s Pro Landscape Version 23.


No landscape can live and flourish without proper irrigation, and these pages have articles that cover every area of watering and irrigation. From articles about RainBird teaming up with Military Makeover to help a veteran to drip irrigation coverage, the introduction of Hydro-Rain’s new and innovative Wi-Fi sprinkler controller, and much more, it’s all here.

Weed Watch

Weeds, weeds, weeds, they’re everywhere, and they’re so tenacious. But, with Landscape Management’s digital Weed Watch guide, you get coverage of valuable info regarding 60 key weeds and how to select the right weed control products. You can also sign up and get the quarterly newsletter for timely seasonal tips on weed control, weed killer, and more..

Digital Editions

All the issues are available, not only in print but also in digital editions. You can check the archives and read issues all the way back to 1962 and on up to the 2017 editions. These are brought to you as part of a co-operative project that is ongoing between the Michigan State University Libraries and North Coast Media LLC. Any yard service or homeowners would enjoy the many features of LM magazine from the past and into the future via digital media.

Lawn & Landscape Blog

These days, there’s a blog for everything from babies to NASCAR, and lawn and landscaping are no different. For the best in blogs on the subjects, these pages are the place to go. Read blogs about tools to use for controlling Spring chaos, as well as discovering that there are seasons within every season. And, be sure to check out the article about the impact of the Trump presidency on the landscape industry.

Magazine Subscriptions

OK, so now that you know what Landscape Management has to offer, if you’re not a subscriber yet, then this is the place to subscribe. You can choose digital or print and, if you qualify, you could even receive a free subscription! This page also offers sign-ups for the magazine’s free eNewsletters, like LM Direct!, LM Product Spotlight, GIE+Expo Insider, and Athletic Turf News. So, subscribe for print, digital, or eNewsletters direct to your inbox. Or, how about all three? You really aren’t a lawn care pro if you don’t subscribe.

So, now that you know a thing or two about Landscape Management and what it offers, you can check it out for yourself and expand your understanding of how you can further your grass care and landscaping efforts. All the while, you can also stay on top of everything that’s going on in the lawn maintenance industry.