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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

When most of us think of the state of Iowa, we think of agriculture. It is no surprise then that Iowa State University offers a world-renowned agriculture program through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Additionally, the Iowa State University Extension Program is committed to taking university-level knowledge and research to the people of the state. Local agriculture programs can help farmers to improve their understanding of the land and crops they tend and improve yields, which in turn has a benefit for the entire community. On a smaller scale, extension programs can help homeowners with their yard care as well. Whether it is improving the quality of a home garden or offering expert advice on lawn care and maintenance, the ISU extension program can give homeowners the skills and tools they need to cultivate a professional-quality landscape. What’s more, Iowa State University is responsible for creating BugGuide.net, which is one of the most highly-recognized insect directories on the web. This directory is a great free resource to help identify insect species throughout the United States and Canada.

About the ISU Extension Program

The program is available to residents of Iowa throughout 99 counties. The Extension Program is committed to providing education and partnerships designed to solve today’s problems and prepare for the future through a land-grant mission.

Valuable Lawn & Yard Care Research

The ISU Extension Program offers the research and expertise of professors, graduate students, master gardeners, and other specialists. They can help transition the knowledge they have at their fingertips to the people who need it most–those living within the communities across the state of Iowa.


In these pages, users can read publications related to turf care from the Iowa State University Extension Program. The publications are helpful articles that can be downloaded in PDF format for easy reference. Topics include bluegrass control, sports turf management, lawn care, fertilizing, weeds, aeration, green lawn tips, and other yard care topics related to lawn care and lawn maintenance from a professional and scientific perspective.

Lawn and Turf News

If you are looking to stay on trend with what is occurring in your yard right now, then these pages will be incredibly helpful. In these pages, some of the most currently relevant topics relating to lawn and turf care are addressed. Seasonal issues are discussed such as lawn treatment options, summer watering, winterizing, fertilizing, aerating, and many other topics of interest to maintaining a beautiful, healthy, green lawn and what it takes to implement a successful yard care program.

Turf Care Blog

Another channel dedicated to relevant issues with turf care, this blog is a helpful resource for staying on top of current events as it relates to caring for your lawn and landscape. The blog addresses issues that are important to homeowners as they occur. Topics of note include insect pests as they emerge for the season, discussion about seasonal weeds, and many others that would impact a homeowner or lawn care company in the region who is maintaining a landscape.

Weed Control Topics

This search covers issues related to weeds and weed control. Search results include publications by Iowa State University’s Extension Program. Documents on a variety of weed control and lawn treatment related issues and topics can be downloaded and viewed in PDF format and offer the expertise and knowledge of University of Iowa staff in an easy to access and easy to read format.

Lawn Disease Posts

These pages cover a variety of articles and documents regarding lawn diseases. Users can search through these posts to learn more about fungi, summer patch, brown patch, and a variety of other diseases that can impact summer lawns in Iowa as well as ways of preventing these diseases through proper lawn spraying and maintenance.

Insects and Pest Control

Insects and pests can wreak havoc on a home, garden, lawn, and landscape. These pages offer some informative documents and articles about bugs and some of the species most commonly found in Iowa. Extremely invasive and troublesome pests are also discussed in great length in these pages including the billbug.


As previously mentioned, Iowa State University is the creator of this comprehensive guide to insect identification. It is comprised of an online community of naturalists to create an all-inclusive database to help each other and the online community. They work by collecting photographs of insects from around the U.S. and Canada for identification and research. They are more than just a database, though–they are working to gather information about where and when insects were spotted to help define where and when certain insects may be found.

Research Reports

Here, users can read research reports regarding turfgrass from the Iowa State University Horticulture Research Station. Each year, these reports are compiled and provide an overview of some of the exciting research trials that have occurred within the areas of turfgrass. The reports introduce a topic of interest and then proceed to describe the results and discussion of the research. This is an incredible resource for those who are interested in staying on top of the newest developments and trends in turf care.

Horticulture Encyclopedia

These pages can be considered a modern-day online encyclopedia. They function as a research tool and cover information on a particular topic. Presented in alphabetical order, users can use this horticulture encyclopedia to research anything from Acorn and Nut Weevils to the Zimmerman Pine Moth. Encyclopedia entries are written in an easy-to-read format and often include photographs to aid in understanding.

Lawn and Landscape Doc Store – Free Downloads

The ISU Extension Program offers a number of publications for purchase on their website in these pages. These publications are all extension-approved and relate to lawn care, lawn treatments, weed control, and landscaping. While many of the publications here are sold for a nominal fee, many of the publications are also free. Users can also search the store to find publications.

While Iowa may be known throughout the country as an agricultural state, many homeowners can still benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the ISU Extension Program and its pages. If you are looking to improve your yard care expertise, or you are a professional lawn care service who wants to stay on top of current trends in turf care, the ISU Extension Program offers everything you need to maintain a green lawn.