Duluth Lawn Care

If you are looking for a Duluth, GA lawn treatment service that will provide you with custom lawn care plans and personal attention, turn to the lawn care pros at WinLAWN. We service hundreds of residential customers in the Duluth area as well as government, commercial, and industrial properties. We are different from most other companies because we listen to our customer’s problems and tailor lawn treatment plans specifically for all the major grass types in Georgia. We use specially formulated weed control and lawn fertilization applications that get applied during crucial agronomic times of the year when conditions are right. We take an integrated approach to your weed control, lawn fertilization, and other lawn care needs. Our lawn service delivers environmentally conscious, cost-effective lawn care solutions that target lawn weeds with industry-leading products.

“Just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you for your service. My lawn is looking great! Keep up the great work!” – Karl J. – Duluth Homeowner

Our weed control programs ensure your lawn is free from hundreds of invasive grassy and broadleaf weeds by applying various pre and post-emergent weed control products at the right time of the year. We also use specially blended fertilizer applications to keep your lawn and soil ecosystem well-fed and vibrant. Our lawn care plans are scientifically proven, and we spare no expense using only best-in-class products.

Our focus is to make our customers happy, and we bend over backward to make this happen. What distinguishes WinLAWN from other Duluth weed control and lawn fertilization companies? We know the industry inside out and are a group of well-respected, thoroughly professional, reliable lawn care specialists. Much of our business is word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers, which means a great deal. We are patient, enjoy educating our clients, stay on top of trends in the lawn care industry, and use best-in-class products. We currently run lawn care crews pretty much all over Duluth. For lawn care from a company that genuinely cares, contact WinLAWN today by requesting a quote through our website or call us at 678-341-9923!

Duluth Lawn Services

Duluth city in Gwinnett County, Georgia, is known for its small-town feel with big-city amenities. The town is situated about 22 miles northeast of Atlanta, where it constitutes part of the suburban landscape of the Atlanta Metropolitan area. This suburban city offers plenty of breathtaking scenery for anyone who likes a treat for their eyes. Founded by Evan Howell, Duluth city was named in tribute to Daniel Greysolon Du Luth, a French captain and explorer who is thought to have negotiated and signed peace between Saulters and Sioux nations in the area of the city on September 15, 1679. The area that would be the current Duluth city was initially part of the Cherokee Indian territory. During the war of 1812, the prominent Indian trail, named Old Peachtree Road by settlers, was extended through the area to connect Fort Daniel. Gwinnett County was opened to settlers in 1818 after it was established by the act of the state’s General Assembly. Settlement accelerated in the area, and today, Duluth remains a busy hub but retains its small-town character. Duluth is widely recognized for its small-town ambience, and here are some of the local and nearby attractions: Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth History Museum, Red Clay Music Foundry, Duluth History Museum, and the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. Overall, Duluth is a great city, one of the affordable suburbs near Atlanta, with a wide variety of things to do.


Our licensed lawn technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and market-leading EPA-approved products to achieve great results for our customers.

We Hire the Best

We are determined to hire only the best people and are a drug-free environment. We have also worked hard to create what we believe is one of the industry’s best lawn technician training systems. We ensure our salespeople and lawn technicians can identify and treat all the most common weeds, diseases, and landscape problems that impact lawns in Georgia.

Weed Control Services

We will bend over backward to make sure your lawn, trees, and shrubs are weed, disease, and pest-free. We use a large variety of weed control products to accomplish our goals of providing a weed-free lawn without drowning your property in chemicals.

Professional Lawn Treatments

Our average residential customer pays just $55 per application eight times a year. All the customer has to do is say go. When you add up the costs it will take to do it yourself, versus what we charge, it’s easy to see the excellent value proposition we offer! Plus we are licensed and insured lawn care experts!

Lawn Maintenance Services You Need

We know what it takes to make a property beautiful. We provide lawn care services throughout the Duluth, GA area. We use only the best weed control and premium fertilizers. If you have a fungus problem with your lawn, tree, or shrubs, we also have market-leading fungicides to eradicate the disease. Our aeration and overseeding services are affordable and done professionally. Our fire ant and broad-spectrum pest control can knock out lawn and shrub pests without a problem!

June 2022 Specials

Fungicide applications are 10% off if you mention this promotion when signing up. This offer expires on 6/30/22. Our customers can also earn $50 Amazon cards when someone they refer to our service signs up for a lawn treatment plan. Find out why WinLAWN is a leading lawn care service by contacting us today at 678-341-9923