Johns Creek Lawn Care

WinLAWN is one of the premier lawn care companies servicing the Johns Creek area with customized lawn treatment plans. Our core focus areas are the things property owners care the most about when detailing their lawn – comprehensive lawn fertilization during the growing season and year-round weed control to protect from lawn weeds. We like to say we accomplish in 8 annual lawn treatments what most of our competitors require and charge you for 9-12 treatments to get similar results. It’s hard to tell what’s actually in the tanks of all the different lawn service companies but rest assured, WinLAWN cuts no corners. We work hard every day to give our customers more bang for their buck. When you break down our eight treatments, our customers actually get 12-14+ different applications mixed into those eight treatments applied throughout the year. These lawn treatments include pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control, and various forms of liquid and granular fertilization that are often blended into single lawn treatments that customers pay one low price. We believe our 8-treatment plan is perfect for Georgia lawns. Anything else is too much. When you choose WinLAWN, our customers know they are hiring a company that delivers excellent results and value. Feel free to give us a call at 678-341-9923 or request a quote through our website. One of our sales managers will be happy to help you.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization

“My family decided to hire WinLAWN last year and the result’s we’ve seen in our yard have been quite positive. I would definitely recommend them to other people looking for a weed control and fertilizing firm.” – Raghuram D – Johns Creek Homeowner

Your lawn is so much more than just dirt and grass. It is where your home is, where your kids play, where your pets hang out, and where your pride lies. WinLAWN proudly serves the Johns Creek area with a full suite of lawn care services, including weed control, lawn fertilization, aeration, overseeding, fungicide applications, and more. Our core lawn care plan provides the essentials to having a lush, weed-free, green lawn. Our liquid and granular fertilizer applications will stimulate lawn growth, density, and vibrant green color. At the same time, our pre and post-emergent weed control applications provide year-round protection from hundreds of broadleaf and grassy lawn weeds. We add an application of lime to our treatments to condition soil, which aids with fertilizer uptake. Our services will give you peace of mind because we only use the highest quality products, applied with the best equipment, at the right time of the year.

At WinLAWN, our primary goal is to establish long-term relationships with our customers by providing quality and dependable lawn care services with guaranteed results. Our lawn care technicians are company-trained and experienced in all aspects of lawn, tree, and shrub care. Our company owner trains them himself and observes them closely to ensure they follow all protocols to ensure that our lawn applications are applied correctly. Our lawn technicians can be trusted to provide professional weed control, fertilization, lawn aeration, overseeding, pest control, and fungicide treatments because of the extensive training we put them through.

Johns Creek Lawn Service

Johns Creek is a great place to live; it was established in the 19th century in a Cherokee Indian territory. But today, it’s a modern city and one of the best places to live in the Metro Atlanta area. There are different recreational areas where you can picnic at the Heritage Center and Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and fish at the Chattahoochee. Some refreshing areas where you can eat and rest include Hyatt Place Johns Creek and Hilton Garden Inn Johns Creek. Johns Creek City is the 10th largest in Atlanta. It is home to approximately 80,000 residents, and about three-fourths of the people own their homes. Those who do not have their own homes can find affordable rentals. Spring is the best time to take care of your lawn in Johns Creek. As the season changes, you apply spot treatments, weed, and lay your watering systems. You can hire a professional to do this for you to ensure your outdoor area looks magnificent through excellent lawn care. Whether you are here for work or living and raising a family, the city is safe and has a quality education system. It has 19 public schools, including elementary, junior, and high schools. It is one of the great residential areas in Metro Atlanta for everyone, regardless of their age.

The Johns Creek area has a fair share of aggressive lawn weeds. They are a nuisance and hurt the value of your property. Our weed control program specializes in broadleaf and grassy weed elimination. When fertilizing the lawns we manage, we also take a scientific approach, careful not to burn out or over-fertilize our lawns, which some of our short-sighted competitors care little about. Our goal is to keep your lawn looking beautiful and weed-free all season long and become the largest Johns Creek lawn care service by keeping our customers happy. Don’t hire a lawn care service unless you know what you’re getting. For a weed-free and green lawn, trust the lawn care professionals at WinLAWN who are committed to providing industry-leading value for our customers.

June 2022 Specials

Our June 2022 special is 10% off fungicide applications. Offer expires 6/30/22. Our current customers also enjoy the ability to refer people they know to our service, and when they sign up for a lawn care plan they can earn a $50 reward card. Contact us today for a free quote!