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From day one WinLAWN CEO Bill Bramble built his company with a customer-oriented focus and relentless desire to become the leading Lawrenceville, GA lawn care service available for busy homeowners. You’ll see proof of this focus and passion embedded in our experienced lawn care technicians who treat every lawn as if it were contending for a national prize, with great attention to detail. We do this because we know how important having a beautiful and healthy lawn can be for you and your family.

Most of our clients here in Lawrenceville are a perfect fit for our cost-effective Standard Lawn Care Plan. You’ll find that the eight lawn treatments this plan provides, over a 12-month cycle, are an ideal fit for almost any lawn to grow to its most lush and majestic form. This plan includes pre and post-emergent weed control and precise fertilization to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year. This plan is very affordable!

WinLAWN’s focus on the consumer drives all of our decisions about how we run out business. We are focused on keeping our costs low and business as streamlined as possible. We are always researching and stay up to speed with some of the most innovative treatments currently on the market. Not only do we know what weeds and lawn and landscape conditions our customers might be battling, within the context of the current weather climate, but we also know how to fix the problem! We stay updated with the latest in lawn spraying technology from manufacturers and industry news publications. Confused about what your lawn may or may not need? WinLAWN has raised the bar in the Lawrenceville lawn care service industry, and we are here to help you figure out what’s best for your lawn!

“WinLAWN has done a really nice job taking care of my lawn. You’d have to be crazy to use Scott’s Lawn Care or Trugreen over WinLAWN.” – Victor J. – Lawrenceville Lawn Care Customer

Lawrenceville Lawn Services

You might be wondering what factors to look for when thinking about hiring a lawn treatment service to take care of your lawn. The two primary focus points for any lawn no matter the size or shape are weed control and fertilization. This may seem obvious, but it’s essential not to take things like weed control for granted. You can have the best sun, shade, and fertilization on the market today, but without proper weed control, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to keep your lawn looking good. You could be doing more damage than good. Weeds are really just unwanted hearty plants that will only thrive all the more when you add fertilizer and water.

The very first thing we do when you contact us is one of our managers will take a look at your property using satellite imagery that is over-laid with surveying tools and software so we can get an accurate measurement of the size of your lawn. We’ll also talk with you about the benefits of our lawn service and how we can fulfill all your weed control, lawn fertilization, soil conditioning, lawn aerating, and overseeding needs.

WinLAWN is very confident in our weed control plans that we provide Lawrenceville residents. The whole key is knowing what to apply and when, and we’ve been doing this for a very long time. We have access to weed control products that are EPA approved, but only available to licensed commercial operators. With our plans, you will see us deliver balanced weed control throughout the year laced into our lawn treatments.

Delivering the nutrients your lawn needs will result in your grass having a more vibrant green, deeper root system, and the ability to bounce back and deal with environmental trauma. WinLAWN is headquartered in and around Georgia so we know the damage the fluctuating heat and cold can have on your grass and other plants. We consider your lawn type from several angles when choosing which products to use when we fertilize your lawn. We love using liquid fertilizers that we can mix with weed control products and even liquid lime. Granular fertilization is released more slowly into the soil, but it isn’t ideal for areas with a lot of runoff as it can get washed away. We like using granular fertilizer in the summer months when lawns are sensitive to liquid applications because granular fertilizer breaks down slowly when there is moisture or water in the environment.

Some lawns are complete and utter disasters with many weed types that take up the majority of the lawn. In situations like this, a full lawn kill is often recommended. In these situations, a broad-spectrum weed and grass killer is used to kill every last thing in your lawn, including your lawn itself. After the initial spray, you will probably want to wait a few weeks and spray anything that reemerges looking green. The herbicide you use should have a maximum effectiveness time of maybe two months, this way a few months after applying the last round of herbicide you can seed the lawn with fescue or put down Bermuda or zoysia sod.

Other Considerations

Sunlight is a crucial element in having a perfect lawn. Lawns and other plants and shrubs use sunlight that they trap in their blades of grass that is used to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose. Your lawn then uses glucose to feed itself and to make other compounds such as cellulose and starch. Many homeowners struggle with a lack of sunlight on parts or their lawn, especially around the edges. If the problem is bad enough, we strongly recommend bringing in a tree service!

Healthy soil is critical for plants as well as grass. Remember what we talked about with fertilization? This ties into that concept. Sterilized soil that is lacking in a healthy bio-ecosystem won’t sustain a beautiful lawn the way a rich compost of dark earth will. Always remember that the bio-ecosystem in your lawn is a never-ending source of fertilizer. Also, be careful with spraying too much pest control products on your lawn, so you don’t disrupt the bio-ecosystem.

The pH level of your soil is also important. Most grass types thrive the most in slightly acidic soil with levels ranging from 6 to 7. If your pH is low, your grass will have a much more difficult time growing. A simple application of lime, this included in our Standard Plan, will do the trick.

Are you still confused? Don’t worry about trying to figure it all out on your own. Our experienced Lawrenceville lawn care technicians have lived and worked in the area for years. You don’t need to figure the process out alone. Call WinLAWN today to speak to any of our caring and committed staff who have years of experience dealing with this field exclusively. For us it’s not just about getting your lawn looking great, it’s also about helping our community to be the best it can be by providing the best lawn treatment product in the Lawrenceville lawn care service industry no matter how big or small the lawn.

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