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A beautiful, green, weed-free lawn is not something that just happens. It takes time, commitment, and expertise. WinLAWN provides homeowners with fully outsourced weed control and lawn fertilization turf care and lawn maintenance services that sets the bar in the Duluth lawn care service industry. We are one of the premier metro Atlanta lawn, ornamental tree, and shrub service companies. We are committed to making sure your lawn is the beautiful, healthy and well maintained space that others comment on with admiration. We have the experienced, trained and supported personnel to ensure the finest weed control, fertilization and management of all arboricultural elements with which you wish to surround yourself. Our Duluth lawn care service technicians will get your lawn up to the status you want and keep it there for as long as you wish us to, because we are not going anywhere! For a thicker, healthier, greener lawn call the Duluth lawn care service experts!

“I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for taking care of my lawn. I signed on with you guys last year and my lawn was a complete and utter disaster. You guys wiped out a ton of weeds and my grass is taking over again! Thanks for the help.” – Sean J. – Duluth Lawn Care Customer 

Our Standard Lawn Care Plan consists of specially designed lawn treatments that take place at carefully considered times during the year. We will visit your property 8 times a year for 1 low price each time. The good thing is most treatments are combination treatments so you often get weed control, weed prevention, and fertilization all mixed into a single treatment, all for 1 low price! We use lime and organic fertilizers for the purpose of rejuvenating your lawn and everything is accomplished at key agronomic stages of the year. Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue lawns thrive under our care and we’ve been doing this labor of love for years.

Our Premium Lawn Care Plan includes everything you get with our Standard Plan to treat your lawn plus 8 treatments designed for your ornamental trees and shrubs you enjoy so much. This plan includes pest control, disease control, and the appropriate fertilization, all designed to get and keep your trees and shrubs healthy, green and beautiful, drawing the attention they so rightly deserve from all who see them.

Proper Lawn Maintenance

Weed Control: Preventing and killing weeds is a very hard task for most homeowners. Some simply try walking their yards pulling weeds out of the ground. This is not the best way to handle this because of the roots often break off and actually spread around through movement around the yard. We use the appropriate broad spectrum weed control products, determined by the EPA to be safe and environmentally friendly, to kill the weeds allowing grass to fill in where the weeds were. An important time to apply pre-emergent weed control is before they get a stranglehold on your lawn in the spring and as Bermuda and zoysia lawns go dormant in the fall. In some cases, multiple applications may be necessary which means the beginning of spring and then, as secondary germination occur, further applications as the warmer seasons continue. We then apply pre-emergence in the late fall to protect your lawn from cool season grasses and weeds. We tailor the program to your specific needs of your lawn type to ensure you stay weed-free, going forward. WinLAWN sets the bar in the Duluth lawn care service industry because we use top of the line products that we have no problem paying top dollar for so our customer lawns are the best they can be.

Lawn Fertilization: Homeowners usually struggle trying to figure out what fertilizers they should be using on their lawn. There are so many options for different grasses, different times of the year, and different weather conditions. This is where the expertise of WinLAWN’s lawn care technicians comes into play as our employees are thoroughly trained and experienced when it comes to all things related to fertilizing lawns. There are liquid, granulate, nitrogen based and organic fertilizers. Here is a run-down of each.

* Liquid fertilizers are known to feed your lawn quickly, getting into the soil and into contact with the roots fast. Our lawn care technicians are trained to put out the exact amount of fertilizer spread uniformly across our customer lawns.

* Granular fertilizers are slow release and provide a feeding source over a longer period of time. Water is needed to activate granular fertilizer.

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