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When your lawn is healthy, it is naturally preventative to the growth of weeds. A thick root system will help choke out weeds before getting the chance to grow and will limit the frequency of the development of weeds. The right watering and fertilization will help to achieve this as well, but it won’t be all you need to prevent every weed, even in very healthy lawns.

A premier lawn, shrub and ornamental tree service, WinLAWN’s team is committed to giving our customers the most beautiful lawns and landscaping with the best in weed control and fertilization available to both commercial and residential customers. Our team brings the reliability, experience and expertise that you would expect to find in landscape and sensible lawn care programs. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest Peachtree Corners, GA lawn care service available.

We take our job seriously and have lawn care technicians who are not only fully trained, but who are passionate and knowledgeable. Your property will be under close watch when you use our lawn care services, plus we will write notes on your invoices and be available for any questions you might think of.

“WinLAWN is the best lawn care service in Georgia. My lawn is green, has zero weeds, and looks great! I recommend their turf care program to everyone I know!” – James W. – Alpharetta Homeowner  

The standard plan that we offer will give you everything needed for a lawn that is free from weeds, is vibrant green and luxurious. The plan includes 8 applications for your lawn during the year. The expert fertilization and weed control included in this yearly cycle is a complete approach of pre and post-budding treatments. Using this plan you will no longer see weeds in your lawn, as it will kill any existing ones and stop new ones from popping up. With lawn fertilization your lawn will also be perfectly nourished all year long. Organic and Lime fertilizers are also something we use so your soil is conditioned and made new. We get optimal results by applying each treatment at important agronomic stages during the year. You will see a greener, thicker, healthier lawn when we are done!

Weed Control

Weeds are very opportunistic and will move in fast if they are not controlled, but what is a good weed control plan? First, start with the thickness of your lawn. A thick strand of turfgrass will keep weeds at bay quicker than most things. If your lawn is thin, than use a quality grass seed and overseed it. Getting a quality grass seed means choosing one which is resistant to drought, disease and insects. Spring and late summer to early fall is the perfect time to seed your lawn, and it is okay to do so each year until your lawn is thick.

Another very important thing for turf care is to cut your grass high, leaving it at 2 inches or even 3 inches high. This will shade out any weeds which are trying to grow, plus with taller blades of grass there is more chlorophyll, meaning more food for the roots of the grass.

You will also need to monitor for disease and bug problems, making sure to treat them prior to them getting bad and undermining the growth of your grass. When you overseed, pick varieties of grass which are bred for natural disease and bug resistance.

For the weeds that do come up, know what kind you are dealing with so you know how to attack them. There are generally perennials and annuals, just as with flowers. Even if you are unsure the exact names of the weeds, you can at least see if they are coming back each year or if they’re sprouting from seed so that you can choose the right weed control product. WinLAWN will also be able to assist you with choosing the right Peachtree Corners Lawn Care service plan to tackle the weeds correctly.

Lawn Fertilization

When you are fertilizing your lawn, it is easy to get confused between the different types and which one you should pick. From liquid to granular, organic and nitrogen based, knowing what each one is will help you know what to use.

Liquid Fertilizers – the most commonly used liquid fertilizer for homeowners is known as a complete fertilizer and it has the three nutrients which are essential for plants – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This type of fertilizer lets you give your plants all their main needs without having to worry about the individual applications of different kinds of fertilizers. Some problems do exist with the phosphorus component, however, since the run off of phosphorus can get into waterways and create damage. Because of this some areas have passed laws which regulate the application of phosphorus.

Granular Fertilizers – these fertilizers can feed grass naturally through the root system. Some of these fertilizers have a special coating to give a time release effect. These properties of the granular pellets give longer term benefits to the grass plant’s health, plus have a low burn potential. The slow release makes fewer applications possible and creates longer benefits from the fertilizer.

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