Lawn Services in Suwanee, GA

Suwanee Lawn Care Service

Taking care of your lawn is a labor of love. You love the results but the labor part, maybe not so much. WinLAWN is a leading Suwanee, GA lawn care service that helps homeowners and commercial property owners keep their lawn green and weed-free by providing scientifically-based and environmentally-sound turf care plans. We also offer a shrub and ornamental tree service that helps to round-out the beautification of your landscape. We service neighborhoods throughout Suwanee and the surrounding area with professional and affordable lawn fertilization and weed control as well as a variety of other lawn maintenance and turf care solutions. We provide residential and commercial customers with premium turf, ornamental tree, and shrub care so they can have the lawn and landscape they’ve always wanted.

“We hired WinLAWN Management to provide weed control and fertilizing services for our primary residence and 3 rental homes in the Suwanee area. They have also aerated our lawns many times. We have been very happy with our relationship with them. They are very professional and get the job done. Our lawns look great!” – Kaitlyn J. – Suwanee Resident and Business Person

Residents of Suwanee and North Georgia are very fortunate with their mild winters, beautiful springs and fall, and hot summers. Unfortunately, these conditions are a perfect catalyst for a large number of weed types that infiltrate lawns in the area and significantly complicate yard care. Our lawn treatment service exists to assist Suwanee homeowners and commercial complex managers with a full suite of lawn care services including weed control, fertilizing, overseeding, aeration, grub control, fungicide treatments, fire ant control, pest control, and much more. We run routes all over Suwanee, so we are right around the corner, willing and able to help you have a green lawn and beautiful landscape. Contact us today to find out why WinLAWN is raising the bar in the Suwanee lawn care service industry!

WinLAWN realizes how important your lawn is and provides a wide range of services to help residents of Suwanee maintain it. From weed control and fertilizing, to overseeding and aeration, we have a program to fit your needs. Our skilled technicians are experts at applying granular and lawn spraying applications and can provide you with advice and recommendations to help make your yard the envy of the community.

Key Benefits of Our Lawn Care Service:

  • Lawn services include weed control, fertilization, lime applications, aeration, overseeding, fire ant eradication, fungicides, pest control & more.
  • Ornamental tree and shrub care that includes disease control, fertilization, and pest control.
  • Services can be customized to meet your needs and budget.
  • Services can be provided at any time, so you don’t have to be home.
  • Treatments performed by licensed technicians.
  • We care deeply about every single one of our customers.
  • Very active company in Suwanee. We are here to help!.

Weed Control & Prevention – The weed control we provide our customers is second to none. Our program is year-round and is designed to prevent and kills hundreds of varieties of weeds known to take over Suwanee yards. Our core weed control program will make your lawn the best it can be. There is a reason we are the leading Suwanee lawn service!

Lawn Fertilization – Our company founder is a true green-thumb who is always looking for ways to improve our ability to fertilize lawns. We use both liquid and granular fertilizers that consist of nitrogen and other bio-organic materials so your lawn will be thoroughly nourished.

Lawn Aeration – Aeration is one of the best things you can do when it comes to lawn care and landscaping. Our aeration machine removes plugs from your lawn, creating passageways for air, water, and nutrients to reach your lawn’s root system. It helps with drainage and creates space in the soil, allowing the roots of your lawn to spread and strengthen.

Lawn Seeding – Thicken your lawn, crowd out certain weeds, and make your lawn look like new!

Fungicide Treatments – One of the most common infestations of lawns and shrubs is from a variety of fungi that thrive in Georgia. If you have brown spots on your lawn, ornamental trees, or shrubs it could be a fungus. We can take care of this for you!