Fungicide Applications

Fungus overgrowth is a big problem on lawns around Georgia. It occurs in a variety of common grasses including Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue. Thinning brown spots and unusual lawn death are signs that your lawn may be suffering from a fungus problem. Fungus problems are usually the result of too much moisture in the environment sometimes caused by poor drainage or a lack of sunlight. Problems can also be caused by drought, improper mowing height, and compacted soil.

All of our lawn technicians are thoroughly trained to be able to identify and treat any lawn fungus known to infect Georgia lawns through our internal education system. Common fungus problems we regularly see include brown patch, large patch, dollar spot, fairy rings, gray leaf spot, lawn rust, powdery mildew, pythium blight, pythium root rot, red thread, slime mold, spring dead spot, and summer patch. We’re even ready for pink snow mold if we ever get snow followed by rapid warming! WinLAWN uses a variety of broad-spectrum and more selective fungicides to eradicate fungus problems.

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When selecting a lawn fertilization and weed control company, you have many things to consider. We want you to know what makes WinLAWN different! Discover why you should choose WinLAWN.

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