Lawn Pro

At WinLAWN, we are the lawn pros that care. What do we care about? Well, we care about the needs of our customers. Our top priority is to make your lawn the very best that it can be and we do that by only hiring passionate professionals. We know that every lawn is just as unique as its owners and deserves to be maintained by true lawn pros. We are a family owned and locally owned lawn service company and proud to provide a wide range of lawn services to both businesses and homeowners in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Bill Bramble is our founder/CEO, and he’s in charge of our company operations every single business day. This includes being a full-time, hands-on leader as well as overseeing the training of all of our lawn pros. It’s that consummate lawn treatment knowledge that gives our company and our entire team one of the best reputations in the lawn care industry.

Our Lawn Care Plans

All of our lawn care plans are very affordable, providing the best in value for our customers. And, we use only the highest-quality and time-proven products for ensuring the maximum results. From our Standard Plan to our Premium Plan and everything in-between, you’re sure to find the optimum plan to suit your lawn and landscape perfectly. We also offer ornamental tree & shrub care, as well as lawn care, in our Premium Plan.

We also provide a wide range of add-on lawn maintenance services. When you combine them with your chosen plan, we’ve got your lawn covered. These additional services include:

  •   Disease Control / Fungus Problems
  • Grassy Weed Control
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Lawn Seeding
  • Pest Control

What’s it take to be a Lawn Pro?

Several things go into being a real lawn pro, including:
1. Fully Trained Lawn Technicians

All of our lawn techs have more than five years of experience being lawn technicians, making them one of the longest-tenured teams of lawn pros in the Atlanta area. You can count on them keeping a close watch on your yard for you and always answering any questions you might have. At WinLAWN, we are proud of our company policy of only hiring the very best! And, they become the best through our WinLAWN University training system.  
2. Professional Equipment

Real lawn pros use top-of-the-line professional equipment to ensure that lawn treatments are applied evenly. Long hoses, large tanks on trucks, and strong pumps allow them to access even hard to reach areas. Lawn aerators and backpack sprayers are always top-notch.
3. Licensed and Insured

You can count on WinLAWN for always being licensed and fully insured. You should never trust your lawn to any company that isn’t. We’re licensed for using commercial grade disease, weed, and pest control products on your lawn and landscape plantings. Those products are far superior to anything that you, as a business owner or homeowner, have access to without a license.
4. Personal Attention

Here at WinLAWN, we have put professional lawn care and personal attention together for the perfect combination. We believe in treating your lawn just like it’s our own. Giving you our undivided personal attention is one of our trademarks. Our team pays close attention to the fact that you expect and deserve a very high level of service.
5. Fully Guaranteed (reapplication or full refund)

We believe in what we do so much that we offer a full money-back guarantee to all of our customers.
6. Saving You Time & Money

It’s very costly and time-consuming for people to research, purchase, and apply all the weed control and fertilizer products needed to keep their lawn weed-free and green. And, as we mentioned earlier, they don’t even have access to the commercial-grade products required to kill and prevent many weeds that will infiltrate their lawn without the help of a licensed lawn pro.
7. Online Resources

On top of all of that, we also operate the #1 online lawn care guide for homeowners called the WinLAWN Lawn Care Guide. This allows users to research a wide range of lawn and yard care topics. All of it has been meticulously compiled by experts in the lawn care industry, with over 30+ years of experience between them. Choose from in-depth subjects like lawn diseases and pests, weed control, and even tree and shrub diseases to help you to think like a lawn pro yourself!