Top Links – Weeds & Weed Control

Top Links – The Web’s Best Resources
July 24, 2019

Research some of the top online lawn care resources for weed control including picture directories, Q&A’s, and research from experts around the country.   View Link Guides

General Resources

Auburn – weed identification guide.

Clemson – provides access to research for dozens of common weeds and topics. 

DIY Network – tips on how to deal with weeds.

Fine Gardening – tips about dealing with weeds in gardens without using herbicides.

Landscape Management – A+ ‘Weed Watch’ from Dow AgroSciences.

LSU Ad Center – up to date site of weed control advice, herbicide recommendations, and more.

Michigan St. – directory of weeds from the Michigan State staff.

Michigan St. – another directory of weeds from the school.

Monsanto – directory of products from one of the largest weed control manufacturers.

NC State – large directory of weeds common in the North Carolina region.

NC State – interesting directory of weeds, sedges, and grasses.

Penn St. – a great directory of weeds that is loaded with information.

Preen Weed ID Gallery – a well done picture directory of weeds found throughout the United States.

The Family Handyman – some interesting tips and advice to deal with weeds.

The Pond Guy – interesting information about weeds that are found around bodies of water.

U Cal – a well done weed identification and photo directory.

U of FL – a weed directory by Brent Sellers.

U Mass – a large directory of lawn weeds.

U of Missouri – a well done directory of weeds.

U of Tennessee – research a picture directory of weeds.

Virginia Tech – weed identification guide.

Walter Reeves –  a variety of broadleaf weed, grassy weed, and weed control information and advice from “The Georgia Gardener”.

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