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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

As a homeowner, you may have a hundred questions about your lawn maintenance and landscaping needs. Many issues can be corrected on your own without having to hire a professional lawn care service, but you just need the right resources to answer questions. On the flip side, if you are a professional lawn care company looking to stay on top of some of the newest developments in the industry or looking for advice on tackling some business-related issues, you want to be able to consult with other professionals as problems pop up without delay. This is where LawnSite comes in. Here you are able to find answers to whatever issues may arise. You can join an existing discussion to answer questions, or you can start your own discussion to help troubleshoot and problem-solve. With thousands of members and dozens available online at any given time, you can be a part of an online community committed to all things lawn and landscaping related. Lawnsite is the largest and most active online forum serving green industry professionals but is also a valuable resource to homeowners looking to do it themselves.

Valuable Research

Lawnsite offers different categories of discussion for homeowners and lawn care professionals. From general forums, business discussions, equipment, maintenance, lawn care, design and build, irrigation, and photos and videos, join a lawn maintenance discussion or start your own.

Lawn Mowing

These discussions are geared explicitly toward green business professionals. These pages are dedicated towards lawn care business owners looking to discuss techniques, ideas, and lawn maintenance strategies. Note a separate discussion forum link is provided for homeowners and a special message to homeowners found at the top of the discussion.

Landscape Maintenance

In these forum discussions, lawn care business owners and landscape professionals discuss the maintenance of existing landscapes. Discussions include topics such as mulching, maintaining flower beds, fertilization, seasonal lawn clean-ups, leaf removal, and a host of other landscape and lawn maintenance topics.

Pest and Weed Control

Landscape and lawn professionals use these pages to discuss all things pest control, weed control, turf care, and lawn treatments. Topics of discussion include issues such as pesticides, herbicides, license requirements, pertinent legislation as it pertains to chemical applications, best application practices, equipment, pricing, products, manufacturers, suppliers, and anything else related to pest control, weed control, lawn spraying, and lawn treatments.


Professionals can use these channels to discuss fertilizers and plant nutrition and everything related. Lawn care professionals are able to reach out to others regionally to discuss pricing alternatives for lawn fertilization and plant nutrition or across the country to discuss best practices, suppliers, maintenance, equipment, and more.

Organic Lawn Care

With more homeowners demanding organic, green lawn care, these pages are focused on discussing organic management for lawn and garden for professionals. Topics can range from courses in organic lawn care to debates on whether it is worth a professional lawn care service to switch to organic methods. Other discussions include information on licensing, best practices, pricing, organic materials, fertilization techniques, lawn treatments, and much more.


This forum discusses topics of importance to green service professionals relating to irrigation. The largest discussion thread relates to getting started in irrigation, but these pages also focus on all aspects of irrigation. This includes pricing, bidding, installation, maintenance, manufacturers, and types of irrigation systems.

Renovation and Repair

Lawn and garden renovation and repair can pose some of the largest challenges to professional lawn care companies. These discussions are centered around problem-solving troubled turf as well as lawn care overhauls. Topics of discussion include aeration, dethatching, seeding, and soil amendments as well as professional equipment questions, ratings, and reviews.

Equipment Marketplace

Some of the most significant investments for lawn care service professionals involve equipment. These pages are an online marketplace for landscape professionals to market and sell equipment. Here you can find nationwide used equipment ads, and members can quickly buy and sell from one another without commercial dealer postings.

Landscape Design and Architecture

Professional landscapers can use these pages to discuss ideas with one another regarding design, architecture, installation, equipment, plant stock, estimating, and other issues related to outdoor lawn design. Designers can bounce ideas off one another and determine if certain products can work in specific situations. Advice and tips provide working knowledge and experience from one professional to another.

Photos and Videos

These channels allow lawn and landscape professionals to share photos and videos with one another to help gain expert advice and trade tips and tricks. Whether it is a question pertaining to a particular piece of equipment, problems with landscape and lawn care, or products for sale, these pages allow professionals to visualize problems and share advice.

LawnSite is more specifically geared towards lawn and landscape professionals. The online community has been helping professionals connect since 1995. By being able to communicate and discuss issues or topics with other professionals across the country, professional lawn care services can better serve their customers and better serve their communities.