Top Links – Tree & Shrub Pests

Top Links – Tree & Shrub Diseases
February 3, 2016

Search our link guide that provides direct access to a wide assortment of tree and shrub pest and pest control related websites.  Access university research, directories of problematic pests, and advice from industry experts.   View Link Guides

Tree & Shrub Pest Resources

Alberta Ag & Forestry – pest of coniferous trees and shrubs.

Clemson – a variety of research about tree pests.

Clemson – a variety of research about shrub pests. – directory of tree pests and diseases.

Forestry Images – tree insect picture directory.

Kansas St. – common tree and shrub pests in Kansas.

Penn St. – lots of information about pests in landscapes and lawns.

TX Master Gardener – insects that attack trees.

U of Cal –  directory of trees that lists pests trees are susceptible to.

UGA – control of common pests of landscape plants.

U of KY – insect borers of trees and shrubs.

U of Illinois – directory of tree and shrub insects.

U of Maryland – common tree problems directory.

U of Maryland – directory of tree insects.

U of Maryland – directory of shrub insects.

U of Minn – insecticide directory for tree and shrub pests.

U of Nebraska – directory of tree pest resources. 

U of Tenn – commercial insect and mite control guide.

U of Wisconsin – tree insect guide.

USDA – directory that includes tree pests. 

USDA / U.S. Forest Service – directory of tree pest resources. 

Utah St. – directory of tree and shrub pests.

Damaging Tree & Shrub Pests

Aphids –  Google  Google Images  MBG  NCSU  Penn St.  U Cal  UGA  UGA2  UK  U of Minn  U of Missouri  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Asian Ambrosia Beetle –  Google  Google Images  MBG  NCSU  Rutgers  Texas A&M  UGA  UGAU of FL  U of KY   U of MD  U of Tenn  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wiki Ambrosia Beetle  Wiki Woodboring Beetle  YouTube    

Azalea Caterpillar – Clemson  Google  Google Images  UGA  U of FL  Wikipedia  YouTube

Bagworms – Google  Google Images  KSU  MBG  Penn St.  Purdue  U of FL  UGA  UGA2  UGA3  U of KY  U of MD  U of Nebraska  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Boxwood Leafminers – Clemson  Google  Google Images  MBG  Michigan St.  NCSU  Penn St.  Rutgers  U of Maryland  U Mass  Walter Revees  Wikipedia  YouTube

Eastern Tent Caterpillars – AL Forestry Commission  Clemson  Google  Google Images  MBG  Penn St.  UGA  UGA2  UK  U of MD  USDA  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Fall Webworms – AL Forestry Comm  Google  Google Images  MBG  MSU  NCSU  Penn St.  UGA  UGA2  U of FL  U of MD  USDA  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube   

Japanese Beetle – Google  Google Images  Penn St.  U of FL  UGA  U of Illinois  UK   U of Minn  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube   

Lace Bugs / Tingidae – Clemson  Google  Google Images  MBG  NCSU  OSU  Penn St.  U Cal  UGA  UGA2  UGA3  U of FL  UK  U of MD  U of Minn  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube  

Scale Insects & Mealybugs –  Google  Google Images  RHS  Texas A&M  UGA  Walter Reeves  Wiki Mealybugs  Wiki Scale Insects  YouTube Scale Insects  YouTube Mealybugs

Southern Pine Beetle – GA Forestry Commission  Google  Google Images  Miss Forestry Comm  U of FL  UK  U of Tenn  USDA  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  YouTube  

Spider Mites – CSU  Google  Google Images  MBG  Purdue  U Cal  U of FL  UK  U of MD  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  YouTube  

Tent Caterpillars – CSU  Google  Google Images  NCSU  OSU  U Cal  U of FL  UK  U of MD  USDA  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube    

Thrips – Google  Google2  MBG  OK St  Oregon St  U Cal  U of FL  U of Tenn  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Whiteflies –  Google  Google Images  MBG  U Cal  UGA  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube  

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