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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Louisiana State University offers one of the premier agricultural programs in the country. Their agriculture program goes far beyond merely focusing on production agriculture and reaches just about all facets of turf care, plant care, and landscape care. It is not only geared towards those who are growing thousands of acres of crops for mass production–instead, it offers introspective and reflective programs for everything from animal studies to nutritionists to apparel designers and retailers. When you think about it, all of these are in some way related to the way we interact with the earth. It isn’t surprising to learn that Louisiana State University also delves into the subjects of turf care and landscaping. So, if you want a green lawn or if you run a lawn service with thousands of customers, you can rely on the lawn care research from LSU.

LSU’s AgCenter’s mission is to provide the people of Louisiana with research-based educational programs that are designed to improve their lives and economic well-being. They use agricultural-based research and bring it to the people of the state through their Extension Program services. The result is a place where people can turn to learn to use the natural resources they have at their disposal to improve and enrich their lives. Whether it is general yard care, growing a food garden, or lawn maintenance LSU’s AgCenter uses research-driven ideas to deliver applicable techniques to the people of the state.

Turf Care & Lawn Maintenance Research

LSU’s AgCenter uses 20 research stations across the state to provide dynamic and regional data to the people of Louisiana. With one of the most active intellectual property programs in the country, LSU has drawn more than 50 scientists to their AgCenter who have received patents or plant variety protection certificates. For the people of Louisiana, this means they can trust the information and knowledge that is shared with them through extension programs and research to be among the highest valued and cutting edge than anywhere else in the country.

Lawn and Garden Publications

Here, users can view and download PDF documents on specific issues related to lawn and garden. It includes documents that can be extremely beneficial to lawn care as well as relevant information on growing and maintaining a home garden. Some of the more helpful articles and publications for homeowners and gardeners include the Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide, documents about lawn treatments, weed control advice, and more.

Turf Care Research

This channel offers users a wealth of information on some of the most recent breakthroughs in turf care throughout the state. Information available on this site includes the following, all of which is downloadable as a PDF: Turf Maintenance for Athletic Fields, Louisiana Lawns Fact Sheet: Turfgrass for Louisiana Lawns, Sod Production in Louisiana, Fairy Rings and Mushrooms in Lawns, Ironing your Turfgrass, and Don’t Bag It Lawn Care.

Suggested Weed Control Guide

Here you can find information on suggested chemical applications for weed control for a variety of different areas. It includes suggestions for aquatics, nurseries, woodlands, field crops, fruit crops, home lawns, home gardens, and a variety of other regions. It also contains information on specific lawn treatment formulations, restricted uses, sprayer calibrations, and additional useful information on proper chemical applications for lawn spraying and weed control.

Plant Disease Management Guide

This guide provides recent and relevant information on treating plant diseases that are prevalent in Louisiana. The guide includes information on treatments such as fungicides and bactericides as well as information on proper use and safety precautions when using these treatments. Also included is special information on treating seedlings, soil fumigants, an appendix of trade names, and formulations. These documents can be especially useful to a lawn care service or green professionals, but may also be of use to homeowners.

Insect Management Guide

Compiled by experts at LSU’s AgCenter, this insect and pest guide offers information about regulations, precautions, and suggestions for controlling insects and pests in Louisiana. It also features information on preventing drift of pesticides, hazards of pesticides, and it even includes a section on organic treatments and organic gardening.

Insect and Pest Control

Many insects are beneficial to our lawns and landscapes. Pollinators such as honeybees are crucial to a beautiful and healthy lawn and garden. However, some precautions must be met when dealing with bees or other garden and lawn insects. These documents are all downloadable as a PDF and contain an abundance of information on insects and pests that may be found in and around your home, garden, and lawn and how to deal with them.

Insect and Disease Control

In these pages, articles and publications are available to download in PDF formats as well. Topics cover a variety of insect control measures and issues as well as diseases and disease control. They cover a lot of different types of plants and horticulture as well as some information relating to lawn care and diseases relevant to Louisiana lawns including Large Patch of Warm Season Turfgrasses.

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine

This magazine is a quarterly publication that is published by LSU’s AgCenter. The publication is used to showcase and highlight the AgCenter’s research and extension programs. In these pages, users can subscribe to the seasonal magazine as well as browse through past editions to peruse a wealth of articles related to lawn and landscape care and everything else pertaining to agriculture in Louisiana.

YouTube Channel

The AgCenter would not be a contender as a cutting edge 21st-century university and research program without a YouTube channel! Here you can subscribe to follow along with all of the latest and greatest videos by the LSU AgCenter, which covers a variety of useful topics and scenarios for homeowners, green professionals, and professional lawn care services.

Twitter Feed

Follow the LSU AgCenter on Twitter and get all the latest updates from the LSU AgCenter. Stay in the loop with useful information that is relevant and applicable to lawn care and landscaping right here. Links to informational and interesting articles as well as research breakthroughs and news are regularly posted to LSU’s AgCenter Twitter feed.

Louisiana State University has one of the leading agricultural programs in the country. While many state universities offer valuable research and extension programs to the residents of their respective states, LSU’s is one of the most elite agriculture programs in the world.