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May 23, 2017
ISU Lawn & Yard Care Research
May 23, 2017

North Dakota State University’s primary mission is addressing the aspirations and needs of the people of a changing world by building on their land-grant foundation. The NDSU faculty and students have a vision of a dynamic university that is destined to be known worldwide as a present-day standard among metropolitan land-grant institutions.

The NDSU College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources are steeped in the traditions of excellence in research, teaching, and outreach, all of which are embodied by its faculty and staff. The students have access to amazing opportunities for learning from and working with scientists that are truly world-class and in state-of-the-art facilities.

And now, thanks to the NDSU Website, homeowners and lawn service professionals alike have access to the same lawn maintenance related resources for planting perfect green lawns, identifying weeds, and developing lawn treatment plans. Searching and downloading features are user-friendly in this concise and extensive yard care forum, and there are surely enough features and subjects to keep even the most avid readers interested and well-informed regarding all things relating to turf care and lawn maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance Research

You can count on NDSU for the best in trusted research and in-depth info related to yard care, including:

Lawn Care Publications

When you have questions about lawn care and tending your garden, this page full of publications can be the perfect source for the pertinent info that you need. For lawns, gardens, and trees, there’s sure to be a publication that you can use. From IPM of Japanese Beetles to Interpreting the NDSU Soil Test Analysis for Managing Turfgrass, it’s all covered here in great detail.

Lawn Care Topics

Need some trusted information to help you with lawn topics that have you stumped? Want to know how much to water so that you have a green lawn? This page has downloadable links to numerous lawn care subjects. You’ll find info on home lawn problems and solutions, weed control, stopping turf problems before they start, composting practices, and even lawn and garden care after a flood.

Lawn Care Doc Search

This is the perfect place for finding downloadable documents related to lawn care. From lawns, gardens, and trees to dealing with drought, there are plenty of solutions to be found here. And, if you’re dealing with a pineapple weed problem in your lawn, there’s an entire PDF document devoted just to pineapple weed control, a winter annual that actually smells like pineapples. There is a wealth of research available through this portal, including documents about lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, seeding, and general lawn maintenance.

Home Lawns Problems & Solutions

This page offers a downloadable 32-page PDF document written by Alan Zuk, Assistant Professor at the Department of Plant Sciences, Janet Knodel, who is an Extension Entomologist, and Ron Smith, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Plant Science. Everything is covered from weed problems in lawns to non-chemical weed control, herbicide use, lawn spraying tips, and turfgrass diseases and insects.

Weed Control Guides

Weeds seem to be everywhere, but they don’t have to be when you’re armed with these weed control guides to help you to fight them. From the USDA Weed Control Compendium to the ND Weed Control Guide, this link has it and also offers a control rating system for herbicide from “N” for no effectiveness to “E” for excellent, i.e., 95% of weeds can be killed with a single treatment.

Weeds & Weed Control Doc Search

Now, if you weren’t able to find what you needed in the Weed Control Guides, then you can search for weeds and weed control documents on this page. A wealth of info was presented at the 2017 Wild World of Weeds Workshop, and you can download it all. Or, for identifying and controlling invasive and troublesome weeds, and growing a garden without weeds, you can find it here.

76 Page Weeds Guide PDF

One of the most challenging parts of weed control is identifying the type of weed so that you can eradicate it. This downloadable PDF weeds guide from Rodney G. Lym and Andrea J. Travnicek offers 76 pages that are jam-packed with everything you need to do just that. And, the best part is that it contains some great close-up pics of weed species from absinth wormwood to yellow starthistle.

Tree & Shrub Research

Trees and shrubs make any landscape much more attractive, and keeping them healthy and happy can be a challenge. This tree and shrub research page has a host of featured stories, publications, and videos that can help you with that endeavor. From tech for watering trees to dealing with pest control for Japanese beetles and Emerald Ash Borers, as well as tree diseases, you’re sure to find the info you need here.

Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology is a subject that many of us never delve into until we have a serious problem with one or more of our plants. So, this page can be a big help when that happens. Whether you’re a lawn care service professional or a homeowner, a little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to plant pathology. From fungal pathogens to bacterial blight, it’s all covered in the links on this page.

Plant Diseases

Weeds and insects are definitely not the only problems that can affect your lawn, garden, trees, and plants. There are a number of plant diseases to deal with as well, so here’s an extensive resource for controlling them. From spruce disorders to proper care of your houseplants, and pest problem management, this plant diseases page is the perfect place to learn it all and then some.

OK, so now that you’ve checked all of this out, if you still find that you have unanswered questions, just call your local lawn service professional. Sometimes an in-person evaluation of a turf care issue by professionals is just the thing you need to solve your landscaping or grass care related problems.