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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Over the past decade, there has been a significant shift in people’s attitudes toward organic and natural products for gardening, farming, and yard care. More consumers and homeowners are concerned about the environment and their impact on the environment. With this global awareness, we have seen many consumers shift toward more natural products for their lawn care as well. Planet Natural has been providing natural and organic lawn and landscape products since long before it was a social movement. Since 1991, they have been focusing on providing consumers with organic and natural products. From organic lawn fertilizers to beneficial insects for lawn, garden, and landscaping, Planet Natural has just about everything consumers need to keep their lawn and landscape looking beautiful – naturally.

About Planet Natural

Planet Natural not only carries natural and organic garden, turf care, and landscape products, they also provide research and information that is valuable to lawn care service professionals and homeowners. If you are looking for the latest research in organic and natural landscaping and lawn care, you can find a wealth of information within their research and Q&A pages as well as read up on hot topics on their blog. Their research includes lawn treatment recommendations focused on lawn fertilization and weed control among many other things.

Yard Care Advice

Planet Natural is not just an online store for natural and organic lawn and landscaping products–they provide resources and information for homeowners who are looking to incorporate more natural products into their lawn care and landscape maintenance regimen.

Lawn Maintenance Tips

Here you can find information on natural practices for regular lawn maintenance. Lawn health and thought-out practices are the primary means of promoting good lawn and landscape health, and you can learn all about the best ways of doing so in these pages. Lawn maintenance tips and advice relating to lawn aerations, organic green lawn care, weed control, lawn spraying, and more.

Healthy Lawn Tips and Advice

Here you can learn all about the benefits of growing a weed-free lawn without the use of chemicals and pesticides. You can learn all about growing a healthy, thick, and luxurious lawn while reducing resources. Learn all about organic lawn care so you can have the natural, green lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

Lawn and Plant Diseases

Diseases can wreak havoc on the overall health and appearance of your lawn and landscape. Lawn care services are constantly at war with these pathogens. Identifying the specific issue is half the battle, followed by treating it in a non-toxic and eco-friendly way. Use these pages to help identify some of the most common lawn and plant diseases as well as learn the best ways of treating them organically.

Directory of Lawn and Landscape Pests

Insects are a normal and natural part of a healthy lawn ecosystem. However, at times, certain unwanted insects can turn your turf into a battlefield and take over the landscape. Use these pages to identify the types of insects as well as their life-cycles to help plan the course of action to take. In many cases, you may find biological approaches to be the most effective and least toxic for combating unwanted insect life.

Garden Pests

The best way to maintain a healthy garden is to educate yourself. This means learning to identify the bad bugs from the good ones as well as determining at what level certain insects go from merely being a nuisance or a presence to downright damaging. Early identification is key to managing problems early on when biological means are most effective.

Pests, Diseases, and Pets

In these pages, Planet Natural identifies some of the most common insects, weeds, and diseases then outline organic methods for treating them. Any number of issues may arise during the growing season, but making the conditions unattractive to pests and attractive to beneficial plants and insects can help maintain control of your turf without needing to use harmful or toxic chemicals.

Orchard and Tree Pests

Trees and ornamental shrubs will attract a variety of insects and pests. Often, these insects and pests can simply be left alone without any intervention. Other times, intervention is necessary to prevent irreversible damage. Learn to determine at which point pest control intervention is necessary as well as treatments that are the least harmful to the ecosystem and environment.

Beneficial Insects

As already mentioned, not all insects are pests. In fact, many insects are helpful and even necessary to lawn, garden, and landscapes. These pages can help you to identify which insects are helpful and which ones are harmful to help make the most of your lawn care routine.

Q&A Center

Many homeowners have the same questions about the best approach to natural and organic lawn and landscape practices. In these pages, some of the most commonly asked questions are addressed by experts in lawn care, gardening, composting, and other “green” professionals.


Certain types of insects are necessary for plant reproduction. Over the past several decades, the numbers of crop pollinators have been dwindling. These pages are helpful to learn how to attract pollinators to your home garden. Thanks to many home gardeners, pollinator numbers have been stabilized, and here are some tips and tricks for helping aid the insects that keep our food systems alive.

Many people are choosing to go green to reduce their carbon footprint. Lawn services across the country are making this same consideration in an effort to keep families and pets safe by only using EPA approved products in the lowest amounts possible. Planet Natural is committed to providing products and resources to anybody who is looking to use organic and natural means for keeping their lawn, garden, and landscape healthy.