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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Whether you’re a homeowner or lawn maintenance professional, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Preen. It’s a well-known product line that is manufactured by Lebanon Seaboard Corporation since 1947. Founded that year in Lebanon, PA, the company has been there for more than 60-years now. The company is committed to new product R&D centered on lawn care, weed control, lawn fertilization, and yard care. To this day, it continues with the introduction of technological advancements by continually creating new and innovative product lines that are out-performing their competitors. Other Lebanon Seaboard brands include Lebanon Pro, GreenView Grass Seed and Fertilizers, Woodace, ProScape, and Lyric Wild Bird Food.

Besides their leading products, the company also has a valuable lawn care website that is full of educational pages for anyone who wants to learn about lawn maintenance, weed control, plants, shrubs, trees, and specific lawn treatment products. It’s an extremely user-friendly website full of advice and tips from a trusted source that you can count on for delivering up-to-date info about everything that is landscape and turf care related.

Valuable Research

Preen is a well-known industry leader and delivers information that lawn services and property owners can trust.

Weeds Gallery

The first step in eradicating weeds is to be able to identify the species of weed you are dealing with. This link is the optimum way for you to do that. It’s very concise, and you can look for weed types under the broadleaf, grassy, woody, or just ALL weeds headers. Find them all here from annual bluegrass to yellow foxtail for effective weed control in every area of yours or your customers’ yards.

Weed Identification by State

This link also allows you to look them up by the state that you’re located in. All you have to do is click on your state and you can see all the weeds that grow there. If you’re in Georgia, for example, there are a lot of them, just as there are in many other states, so professional weed control from a lawn care service could be the best option for most residents with yards.

Weed Control Advice

When it comes to weed control, professionals often need advice as much as homeowners so the lawns they manage will be weed-free and green. There are so many weeds in every state, and that makes it a big job to know what type of weed you’re dealing with and how to administer proper weed control. This site has a great lineup of advice regarding weeds, lawn treatment options, lawn spraying tips, organic green lawn care options, weed killer, and more.

Landscape Care & Maintenance

There are several steps necessary for the proper care and maintenance of landscapes. From pruning the roses to the optimum time for planting all types of plants, it’s all here in this section. And, if you prefer video, the Preen Video Center is for you. It’s where you’ll find videos from organic weed control to mulching 101.

Plants, Trees, & Shrubs

Plants, trees, and shrubs, no yard would be complete without them. And, as a homeowner or lawn service professional, you are tasked with keeping them looking good. This section has links to everything you could want to know, from growing gorgeous tomatoes to tips for growing a veggie garden and caring for all types of trees, plants, and shrubs.

Weed Control Search

From general weed control to spring garden clean-ups, you can search for just about anything that’s yard-related in this section. With 14 pages jam-packed with advice, tips, and even some safety guidelines, this link will give you everything you need to be armed with expert content on a wealth of subjects. Landscape lighting, water conservation, even rabbit control, they’re all covered here.

Lawn Care Search

When it comes to yards, you know how vital lawn care is. Lawns should be lush, green, and weed-free. From common chickweed to crabgrass, they can all damage or destroy lawns. And, if you’re looking for info about the do’s and don’ts of mulching, calibrating a spreader, even dividing perennials to increase their number exponentially, it’s all in here and then some.

YouTube Channel

There are videos on YouTube about everything imaginable. From cute kittens to segments of every TV show on the tube, as well as movie trailers, it seems endless. But, these Preen videos on YouTube aren’t just mindless fodder like some of those videos. Preen presents videos that cover a number of plant, shrub, tree, pest control, and lawn care subjects that are expertly presented and genuinely in-depth.

So, armed with all of this useful info about gardening and lawn care, we hope you have more confidence in your capabilities regarding your yard [or your customers’ if you’re a lawn service professional]. Everybody can use a go-to website for providing the answers needed for a lush green lawn and beautiful plants galore.