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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has a lofty goal of enriching the lives of everyone via plants and making the U.K. more beautiful and greener. Founded in 1804 in London as the Horticultural Society of London, it was granted its current name in 1861 by Royal Charter. It’s now the country’s leading gardening charity, also claiming the title of “the world’s largest gardening charity.” Its charitable purpose is encouraging and improving the art, science, and practice of all of the horticulture’s branches under the leadership of its Director General.

The RHS is making substantial investments us to provide the joy of gardening for millions of people, as well as making several of the most exciting and important changes in the history of their charity that is supportive of the lawn maintenance industry.

As a registered charity with its principal offices in London, the RHS offers many benefits for becoming an RHS member, including:

  • Exclusive access to expert advice and shows,
  • Free Access to 195 RHS Partner Gardens all over the UK and overseas
  • The Garden magazine every month. Great for turf care professionals
  • Quieter Members’ only days at shows and events,
  • Free advice from horticultural experts via email, phone, post, or in person

Lawn Maintenance Research

The RHS Advice Channel is a comprehensive resource of all sorts of gardening research, articles, and a wealth of lawn maintenance and gardening information that is valuable to lawn maintenance professionals and residential property owners:

Weeds & Weed Control

Weeds are an ongoing problem for both homeowners and lawn care professionals, whether in the United States or the UK. This RHS link can help you with weed issues from weed prevention, weed killer, lawn treatments, and lawn spraying. You can sort a variety of weed subjects either alphabetically or by season. So, from brambles to wild garlic, you can garner plenty of useful advice on how to control weeds.

Diseases & Other Problems

Weeds aren’t the only problem to deal with when it comes to yard care. Diseases and disorders can also attack your lawn and gardens during any season. You can sort the subjects in this link alphabetically or by season, too, getting helpful advice on preventing and treating problems like fungal infections that are potentially fatal to trees and shrubs, as well as everything from algae to yarrow.


This link is quite helpful for all of you homeowners and lawn service professionals who are dealing with pest control management problems in the garden and lawns. The RHS provides expert help in this area, like dealing with grubs and vine weevils that eat the leaves and roots of many plants. From the aphid-like Adelgids to worm casts in lawns, to lawn spraying, it’s all covered here in great detail.

Pest & Disease Topics

Lawn and garden pests and diseases can strike any yard without notice, wreaking havoc on everything in sight. But, when you’re armed with this RHS link, you have in your arsenal 441 advice sheets that cover everything from annuals, bulbs, and perennials to hedges, weeds, and wildlife. It’ll even help if you have dead patches in your lawn or powdery mildew on your roses.

Plant Disease Publications

Brought to you by the RHS plant pathology team, the recent publications available here could be just the answer you need for controlling any plant diseases that are affecting your lawn and garden. You can search for publications as far back as 2005 that chronicle one cause of root rot or fast forward to 2014 and read one that covers powdery mildew.

Garden Search

If you live in the UK or are planning a visit, there are numerous beautiful gardens to enjoy there, including Harlow Carr North Yorkshire, Hyde Hall Essex, Rosemoor Devon, Wisley Surrey, and Bridgewater Greater Manchester, to name a few of the 200. You can find out all about them right here at this RHS link. And, if you join the RHS, you’ll have the ability to see them all for free.

RHS Library

The RHS libraries offer a wealth of viable info, as well as exhibitions and events for all lovers of everything that is gardening-related. The database is in-depth and holds research for a variety of lawn care related topics including lawn fertilization, lawn repair, lawn treatments, weed control, turf care, and other related lawn maintenance and yard care related topics.

Tips & Advice

Anybody who has ever tackled a yard full of plants, lawn, and unfortunate problems, knows that trusted advice and tips can go a long way. This RHS advice section has that and more in the links that include Practical, Problems, Plants, Grow Your Own, and Design. You’ll even find a Beginners’ Guide to Gardening, which provides some simple steps for getting started.

Plant Care

From pruning for keeping your plants healthy, as well as keeping them from overtaking your entire garden, to creative container gardening, acacias, and yuccas, this link has it all. In addition, you can join in on popular conversations among RHS members and converse about all of the gardening subjects that are near and dear to your heart while also learning a thing or two in the process.

Conservation & Biodiversity

As a haven for wildlife, gardens provide shelter, food, and a place to breed for many species. In the UK, gardens cover approximately 667,000 acres, making their wildlife haven potential considerable. Fortunately, very few of their 22,400 insect species are actually garden pests. The remainder are beneficial, and the RHS is researching how to make gardens more wildlife friendly.

So, whether you’re a DIY gardener or you have a lawn care service, visiting the RHS website can make garden and lawn maintenance a lot easier. So, why not make it your go-to resource for answering all of your gardening questions on your quest for that perfect, thick, green lawn.