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WinLAWN is a leading Alpharetta, GA lawn service providing residents with gorgeous, green lawns year-round. Alpharetta has a unique climate and unique problems associated with lawn care. The warm temperatures and humidity are the perfect environments for weeds, molds, and fungi to thrive in grass and turf. Meanwhile, other pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites use decomposing grass and soil and the warm temperatures given off by decomposition as breeding grounds. It presents multi-faceted problems, which need the perfect balance to mitigate. For proper lawn care, pre and post-emergent weed control needs to be applied throughout the year at key times. Grass and turf needs to be fertilized to bring out it's brilliant green potential. The professionals at WinLAWN handle the delicate balance of weed control, lawn fertilization, lime applications, aerations, and pest control. WinLAWN is the premier Alpharetta lawn care service used by hundreds of residents in the area because of our reputation built on trust, commitment, and product effectiveness.

Why WinLAWN?

First and foremost, WinLAWN offers comprehensive service packages to customers that meets the needs of Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue lawns in Georgia. Each lawn is different, and they all provide their own set of challenges. WinLAWN is committed to providing unique, individualized and customized care for all lawn types. Professional members of the WinLAWN team meticulously care for each lawn. Our expertise, know-how, and experience make us the number one choice for lawn care in Alpharetta.

“WinLAWN is the best lawn care service in Georgia. My lawn is green, has zero weeds, and looks great! I recommend their turf care program to everyone I know!” - James W. – Alpharetta Homeowner


WinLAWN Turf Care Service Plans

Our most popular service plan is our Standard Plan. This plan offers customers comprehensive lawn care, which covers weed control and fertilization. Our weed control plan is second to none providing perfectly timed pre and post emergent applications throughout the year. Our experts understand the importance of preemptive weed control, and are familiar with the taxonomy and horticulture exclusive to Alpharetta. They are able to time applications of weed control to eliminate the most weeds with the fewest applications of herbicides. We also know the perfect time to apply fertilizers to your turf to keep it thick, full, and barefoot-ready throughout the year. What does this mean for your lawn? It means year-round weed-free green grass at a competitive price. We also offer other packages to meet our customer's needs, including a Premium Plan which offers the same services as our Standard Plan but also includes maintenance of ornamental trees and shrubs 8 times per year.

WinLAWN Tips for the “Winningest” Lawn

Alpharetta's climate is unique in that we get a total of almost 4.5 feet of precipitation each year. To put that in perspective: Seattle, Washington gets a total of just over 3 feet of rain every year. Surprised? Add the humid subtropical climate of Georgia and you have a whole unique set of potential issues with your lawn. WinLAWN specializes in approaching and addressing the potential issues associated with Alpharetta's unique lawn care and lawn maintenance needs.

WinLAWN Lawn Care Tip #1: Weed Control

There is an old saying that says, "a weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except growing in rows." While we can't tame them to grow them in neatly sowed rows, they have the ability to take over an entire lawn. Weeds are a threat to your desired landscaping because they spread quickly and crowd out healthy turf. And once they emerge, they have the ability to spread hundreds or even thousands of seeds in a short amount of time. Not only will they take over your lawn, but they will also take over your neighbors' lawns (and your neighbors' neighbors' lawns, if you're not quick to eliminate them!). Alpharetta lawns have two main types of weeds that threaten the health and beauty of your yard and landscaping: broadleaf weeds and grass-like weeds.

Alpharetta, GA Lawn Care Advice

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Weed Control Tips & Advice

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Johnsongrass – Sorghum halepense

Johnsongrass – Sorghum halepense

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