Atlanta, GA Lawn Care Service

Atlanta Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Maintenance Service in Atlanta

In Atlanta, lawn care services are essential. Boasting some of the loveliest and most gracious homes in the state, this is a place where people take great pride in the appearance of their lawn, whether they live in a grand mansion or a happy family home. A beautiful lawn that is immaculately cared for sets off your trees, flower beds, shrubs, and of course, your home itself, in a way that nothing else can. On the other hand, a weed infested, neglected patch of thin and dusty grass makes even the most beautiful home look second rate. Your neighbors probably won’t think highly of you because your lawn hurts the overall appearance of the neighborhood. There’s no need to despair – help is at hand from the Atlanta lawn care service leaders at WinLAWN!

“I just wanted to take a minute and write your company and thank you for the service you are providing. Our lawn has not looked this good in the 10 years that I have lived here. Keep up the great work. I look forward to taking advantage of your $35 customer referral program!” – Ted B. – Atlanta Lawn Care Customer

When you live a busy life, the kind of care that a genuinely first-class lawn needs and deserves can be hard to supply. Most people aren’t really experts when it comes to keeping grass vibrant, thick, and healthy looking all year round. It takes a professional to understand the exact balance between lawn fertilization, weed control, and soil conditioning specific to lawns around Atlanta that will make the difference between an emerald velvet delight and a patch of dirt with a few sadly wilting bits of tired looking grass.

That’s where WinLAWN comes in. We are Atlanta lawn care service leaders for a reason. We understand all the elements of turf care – grass varieties, the soil, the climate, those pesky fungus problems which are typical in Atlanta. We know how to coax the very best out of your lawn so that you can feel proud of the way your grass looks, every single day of the year.

Our Standard Lawn Care Plan provides eight visits to your property each year from our Atlanta lawn care service technicians. We don’t mow lawns, but we do take care of all the weed control, lawn fertilization, and soil conditioning your lawn will need at very reasonable pricing. The weed control aspects of our plan will control and kill weeds, both before they poke their heads up, and after, if any dare to show up! We’ll apply carefully balanced and nourishing fertilizers and lime, taking particular care to use the exact quantity your lawn needs. Our lawn treatments are especially useful for Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue lawns.

WinLAWN offers lawn treatments that are designed specifically for each grass type and apply them at key times during the year to ensure the best results. By knowing what to use and when it allows us to keep your grass flourishing, healthy and deliciously green – a beautiful complement to your home that will never give you a moment’s worry.

You can also opt for some of our other lawn care services available in Atlanta, such as aeration, to wake up your lawn at the beginning of the season. We provide tree and shrub services to complement your lawn plan and anti-fungal lawn care. Fungus being an ever-present problem in this part of the world – and even pest control to get rid of ants, fleas, ticks, and other irritating and unwanted lawn visitors.

Atlanta, GA Lawn Care Advice

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