Dunwoody, GA Lawn Care Service

Dunwoody Lawn Care Service

Lawn Treatments – Weed Control & Fertilization

If you’ve been searching for the premiere Dunwoody lawn care service provider in your neighborhood, you’re in the right place. Here at WinLAWN, we do lawn care differently. We take a high-tech approach to turf care, using only scientifically tested and field-proven products and strategies. WinLAWN is raising the bar via our experienced and highly skilled technicians and our lawn maintenance plans. By combining time-tested lawn care methods with new and innovative methodology, we can give you a lawn service plan for your lawn’s unique needs. It is our goal to deliver the utmost in lush, green, healthy results that will induce lawn-envy from all of your neighbors.

At the core of our WinLAWN service offerings is our Standard Lawn Care Plan, which includes comprehensive year-round lawn fertilization and weed control. This plan will provide everything necessary for maintaining a lawn that is lush and green, as well as free of weeds. It is made up of 8 treatments per year and offers a comprehensive approach, including expert fertilization and weed control that is both pre and post-emergent. We guarantee that our Standard Plan will provide the perfect balance of nourishment, weed elimination, and future weed prevention year-round. Each and every treatment is applied at agriculturally key annual stages for achieving optimum results, giving you and your family a healthier lawn that is pleasingly thick and green.

“WinLAWN Management has exceeded our expectations. We now spend $59 per lawn application 8 times a year which compares very favorably with me having to purchase and apply pre-emergents, weed killer, and fertilizer to my lawn myself. Their value proposition cannot be beat!” – Eric Z – Dunwoody Lawn Care Customer

Just as the eyes are a window to the soul, your yard is a window to your home. It is the first impression that everybody gets when they pull up in front of your home. It’s a reflection of your personality, as well as an indication of how much thought you have given to beautifying your home and your surroundings. And, the first step to improving that perception is a lush green lawn that is free of weeds and other problems that can plague untreated lawns. So, why not welcome family and friends to your home by greeting them with a beautiful green lawn that shows you care?

Comprehensive Lawn Care

The fact is Dunwoody lawn care is a science, and at WinLAWN, we take great pride in always staying on the cutting edge of the science surrounding our niche industry. We have never believed in a one size fits all theory because all lawns are unique and have their specific challenges regarding soil varieties, climate, type of grass, and growing seasons. Our broad range of industry experience gives us the ability to impart a scientific approach to lawn care that delivers excellent results.


The foundation of a good lawn care plan starts with adequate fertilization. When you choose WinLAWN to be your Dunwoody lawn care service provider, you can count on only the highest quality fertilizers being put on your lawn, including:

Liquid Fertilization – There is an advantage to using liquid fertilizer since the fertilizer is absorbed very quickly, both via the roots and the leaves, imparting its many benefits to your lawn and plants soon after application. They are quite useful, both as a starter solution and for delivering a quick boost of growth anytime in the growing season.

Granular Fertilization – This type of fertilizer is made up of solid granules as opposed to liquid fertilizers, which start as either a liquid concentrate or a powder that is mixed with water. Granular fertilizers are either sprinkled or worked into the soil so that they can decompose and then feed the roots of plants and grass.

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