Kennesaw, GA Lawn Care Service

Kennesaw Lawn Care Service

Professional Lawn Care

WinLAWN Management is proud to be able to provide lawn care services in Kennesaw, GA to residential and commercial customers. Our company was founded by Bill Bramble, and under his dedicated leadership, WinLAWN has become one of the fasting growing lawn care services in the state. He built the company on the premise that every customer deserves the best lawn service possible and applies these values to every customer the company takes on. Whether it’s weed control, fertilization, or a simple lawn aeration our technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide residents with the complete lawn care they need to keep their properties lush and green. If you’re looking for a professional and affordable Kennesaw lawn care service, look no further, WinLAWN is here to help!

Standard Lawn Care Plan

Lawn care services provided by WinLAWN allow your lawn to be the best it can be. Our most popular plan by far is our Standard Plan, which is designed to battle weed types common in Kennesaw. The program also includes regular fertilization to help ensure lawns stay healthy year round. The 12-month plan includes eight lawn treatments, one approximately every 45 days, applied by fully trained Kennesaw focused lawn care technicians. This plan is designed to stop weeds from growing and to effectively kill the ones already present, without damaging the lawn!

To ensure that your lawn is lush and green, organic fertilizers and a treatment of lime are used. This adds the nutrients to the soil that are necessary for strong, healthy roots and a bright green lawn. When the root system in the turf is healthy, lawns are thicker, more robust, and greener. For best results, our technicians carefully apply each treatment at the right agronomic times throughout the year. Designed for fescue, zoysia, and Bermuda grass residents will be amazed at what WinLAWN can do for the appearance of their lawns. For premium Kennesaw lawn care services call WinLAWN today!

“We hired WinLAWN to take care of our weed control and fertilization needs for both our home and the retail business we operate in Kennesaw. WinLAWN has been great. Our lawns look great. We really like the technicians who service our properties and have no complaints at all. I highly recommend WinLAWN to anyone looking to beautify their property.” – Cheryl J – Kennesaw Lawn Care Customer

Have a Great Lawn to Increase the Value of Your Home

A lot of hard work and effort is needed to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. It takes a little more than occasional watering and mowing. WinLAWN is focused on helping customers with the weed control, lawn fertilization, and soil conditioning elements of their comprehensive lawn care plan.

Weed Control

It’s not uncommon for dandelions, clover, chickweed or 100’s of other invasive weeds to populate lawns in Kennesaw. While residents agree that the weeds are an eyesore, many do not understand why it is so important to keep them under control. Weeds not only block the sun from reaching the grass, but they also suck water and nutrients from the soil. This sometimes results in thinning grass, along with several other potential problems. If left untreated, many weeds will create thick mats of growth which kill large areas of lawn.

The root system of the grass is needed to hold the soil in place and prevent erosion from occurring. Lawns can become uneven and get displaced during heavy rains common in Georgia. The eroding soil can clog sewers and drain systems, and in extreme cases even cause problems with building foundations. By taking advantage of the Kennesaw lawn care services offered by WinLAWN, property owners can avoid many of these problems. Complete lawn care includes year-round weed control and prevention. Some homeowners try to battle weeds themselves, but when you add up the costs and time vs. the ease and expense of hiring WinLAWN it becomes a “no brainer” to hire us for all of your Kennesaw lawn care service needs.

Lawn Fertilization

One of the essential parts of complete lawn care is knowing when and how to fertilize. We offer Kennesaw residents comprehensive lawn fertilization in our Standard and Premium Plans.

When talking about lawn fertilization, it’s important for homeowners to know what the numbers on the fertilizer packaging mean. The three numbers refer to the percentage of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium that’s in the fertilizer. For example, since Kennesaw lawns need a little more nitrogen in the spring to encourage strong green growth, a fertilizer that is marked 27-0-2 will give grass the nutrients that it needs.

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