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If you’re looking for a professional and affordable Marietta lawn care service, look no further, WinLAWN offers everything you need to have a lush, green, weed-free lawn. People sometimes forget that a lawn is a living thing. We cut it, trim it, water it, and fertilize it, often forgetting that it needs to be taken care of. Ignore taking care of your lawn in Marietta, GA, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that weeds will take over your lawn and your home will lose a lot of value. Essentially the forest takes over your lawn. If you’re considering hiring a Marietta lawn care service, we are here to help with both professional and affordable lawn care services.

Our most popular lawn care plan is our Standard Plan that will keep your lawn healthy, green, and weed-free. WinLAWN will work to maximize its beauty, giving it a lush, green appearance and healthy root system. We are able to do this with just eight lawn treatments during the course of the year that creates great value for our customers.

Your lawn needs a combination of weed control and fertilization to keep it beautiful and healthy. Our weed control treatments target both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control that is designed to eliminate the existing weeds and prevent new weeds from taking root. The fertilization process will nourish your lawn through a combination of liquid and granular fertilizer and soil conditioners. The eight lawn treatments are scheduled at key agronomic stages that will maximize the health and vitality of your lawn and root system and will eliminate and prevent the broadest spectrum of weeds.

The Standard Plan lawn treatment cycle is ideal for Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue lawns. But no matter what type of grass you have, you will see a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn as our treatments work throughout the year to give your lawn the nutrients and protection it needs. In Georgia, if you want to have a weed-free lawn, you either need to be a very, very committed homeowner or you need to hire a Marietta lawn care service. You can depend on our professionals to do more than just applying weed killer and fertilizer. Our lawn care technicians take a personal interest in your lawn and are on a quest to rid weeds on all the lawns on their route. Whether it is just asking a question or taking the extra minute to make sure everything is just right, our Marietta lawn care technicians are professionals in the truest sense of the word, thoroughly trained and very knowledgeable.

Contact us today to discover how our eight treatment Standard Plan will make a difference in the health and appearance of your lawn. And remember to ask about our Premium plan that includes ornamental tree and shrub care.

“Our lawn was awful and with just 3 treatments it already looks so much better. Thanks so much!” – Ginny B – Marietta Lawn Care Customer

Lawn Care Maintenance Is A Science

Because a lawn is a living thing, lots can go wrong regarding its health and vitality. Especially in a state like Georgia where the heat, humidity, flood like rains at times can batter a lawn. We are experts regarding all aspects of lawn health, how the elements can impact the lawns we manage, and how lawn treatments need to be adjusted accordingly.

We don’t want to get too technically involved here because many homeowners just want a lawn care plan that works. But we do want our customers and future customers to be educated about the most important aspects of your lawn’s health and to give you some more information on what we do. So here is a rundown of the core elements of a successful Marietta lawn care plan.

Weed Control

A lawn’s biggest problem is weeds. There are many types of weeds that are classified as either broadleaf or grassy weeds, but the one common qualities they all have is they drain the essential nutrients from your lawn, leaving it to die because it gets crowded out. To prevent weeds from sucking the life out of your lawn, a quality weed control plan needs to be in place.

When talking about weed control, there are a few terms you should be familiar with, not only to know how weed killers and pre-emergents work but also to know why a long term approach is the best way to keep weeds under control.

The first pair of terms is monocot and dicot. Grass is usually a monocot (the good guys) while weeds are generally dicots (the bad guys). The simplest way to know the difference between the two is that the leafy veins in a monocot are parallel, while in a dicot they usually branch out from a major vein. Another pair of terms is pre-emergent versus post-emergent. The post-emergent weed type is the one you can see because they have grown leaves and sprouted. The pre-emergent weed is in the ground lurking to come up, but the weed or seedling is not yet visible. Different pre and post-emergent weed control products target these different stages of a weeds life.

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