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A lush green lawn is like a giant welcome mat that speaks volumes to visitors on any property. However, proper lawn care can be time-consuming and tricky, with many things to consider. WinLAWN offers a leading Roswell, GA lawn care service that takes the hassle out of managing a great lawn. Our experienced technicians are experts keeping lawns lush, green, and weed-free. What’s it take to be a leading Roswell lawn care service? Passion, dedication, honesty, and always doing what is right for the customer! WinLAWN spares no expense providing our customers with a professional and highly effective lawn care service.

WinLAWN’s Standard Lawn Care Plan offers a complete lawn treatment service for everything your lawn needs to look the best it can be. No matter if your lawn needs urgent rescuing or if it already looks like the fairway on a golf course, we aim to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn. The Standard Plan delivers eight lawn treatments throughout the year providing expert weed control and fertilization, all applied by our fully trained lawn care professionals, offering experience, reliability, and expertise to residential and commercial customers. This plan is perfect for Bermuda, Fescue, and Zoysia lawns!

Our cost effective turf care solutions make it easy for everyone to have a lawn they will love. We usually use 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 combination treatments that kill weeds, prevent weeds, fertilizes lawns, and conditions soil. Of course, we choose only the best products and are continually monitoring our suppliers to ensure the best result for our customers. Each treatment is administered at just the right time of the year, positioning the lawn for optimal results. WinLAWN also offers a Premium Plan that incorporates ornamental tree and shrub care service alongside our core Standard Lawn Care Plan. When you’re considering hiring a Roswell lawn care service, consider WinLAWN, the guys who treat both our customer lawns and our customers great!

“WinLAWN has done a great job taking care of our yard. They are very professional and can be relied on to do the job well. All their lawn treatments are applied evenly and all the people who work for WinLAWN are very nice.” – Jackie D. – Roswell Homeowner

What Makes a Perfect Lawn?

Weed Control:

Having a comprehensive weed control plan that kills and prevents hundreds of broadleaf and grassy weeds is key to keeping a lawn looking great. In the absence of a well-rounded weed control plan, weeds can thrive if a lawn is over fertilized, over watered or if there are excessive amounts of thatch from mowing. Some dedicated homeowners try to fight weeds themselves but what you see around Roswell is that homeowners really need a professional service like WinLAWN to keep weeds off their lawn.

The best way to manage weeds is with a pre-emergent herbicide applied to the lawn prior to the germination of any weeds, normally in early spring months. This needs to be done after the turf has been established, typically around one year after being laid. Pre-emergent herbicides are the best way to control common weeds such as chickweed, crabgrass, and henbit, although they don’t tackle every type of weed and grassy weeds are very hard to deal with.

Post-emergence targeted herbicides can be used to treat specific weeds that may creep through later on and are usually applied directly to the weed as opposed to the entire lawn area. This is because most post-emergent herbicides can cause damage to turf, even if it’s well established. However, when applied correctly, they can be very effective and leave little or no damage to any lawn.

Broad spectrum weed control is used to blanket treat 100’s of weeds on a lawn at the same time. When using broad-spectrum weed control products, it is vital to know which ones to use and when to use them during the year.

Unfortunately, there is no single treatment for the pre and post-emergent herbicide your lawn needs and most effective weed control plans will include both. WinLAWN’s Standard Lawn Care Plan is a well-rounded weed control program that provides many treatments of pre and post-emergent weed control throughout the year.

Lawn Fertilization:

All lawns need fertilization to remain healthy, thick and vibrant, and the key ingredient in any lawn fertilization program is nitrogen. The amount of nitrogen required will vary between grass varieties and also across the seasons as the grass slips between dormancy and growth.

Many lawns, including Bermuda and zoysia grasses that are popular in Roswell, emerge from dormancy in spring and grow rapidly until the summer where the growth rate slows and evens out. By fall, the growth rate picks up again, but with the energy mainly concentrated below the surface in the root system as the winter sets in and dormancy occurs.

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