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Sugar Hill is regarded as one of the finest small towns in Georgia. Visitors claim it’s just what they think of when they picture a Southern city and can hardly believe this community exists when they stumble upon it via their travels up and down 400. WinLAWN has a great appreciation for the residents and businesses who make up the community and work hard to provide premium Sugar Hill lawn care services in the area. Our lawn maintenance and lawn treatment services include weed control, lawn fertilization, lime applications, lawn aerations, fungicide applications, pest control, and more!

We offer a comprehensive Standard Lawn Care Plan that is designed to meet the needs of every lawn type in Georgia. For residents who want a tree and shrub service, there is our Premium Plan. WinLAWN also provides a series of additional Sugar Hill lawn care services to residents and business owners who may be dealing with fungal or insect problems, or may need a selective herbicide treatment to knock out a wild grass variety in your lawn, that is immune to broad-spectrum weed control products.

Our Standard Plan consists of 8 lawn treatments throughout the year. The plan is designed to nourish our lawns throughout the growing season and keep them green over the entire, yearly cycle. Our lawn treatments include organic fertilizers to nourish your soil safely. This is done at specific times within the growing period to maximize growth, especially for Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue grasses; the most popular ones in Georgia. Comprehensive weed control throughout the year is included in our Standard Plan. The plan consists of a continuous rotation of top of the line broad-spectrum weed killer and weed prevention applied at all the right times throughout the year. This results in a thicker, healthier lawn that is pleasing to both homeowners and visitors.

Our Premium Plan includes everything in our Standard Plan but also includes seven ornamental tree and shrub treatments. These treatments are usually applied at the same time we apply lawn care treatments, but sometime we will come on separate occasions just to treat your ornamental trees and shrubs. These treatments are structured around disease and pest control and include proper fertilization that will protect your shrubs and ornamental trees while keeping an attractive appearance year-round.

“Hey guys, thanks for taking care of my neighbors like you have. All 3 of the houses you’re taking care of in our neighborhood look fantastic! Keep it up!” – Ralph T. – Sugar Hill Lawn Care Customer

Complete Lawn Care, Timed Right

Aeration – Georgia soil often bakes in the sun and can feel as hard as concrete. At the same time, thatch can build up just above the soil that chokes off air, nutrients, and water. Aerating a lawn removes thousands of plugs of soil and turf all around your lawn, enabling it to breathe, drain water better, and improves nutrient absorption.

Fungicide Application – Fungal infections are especially troublesome in Sugar Hill and the rest of Georgia. They cause dead spots and if not treated quickly, can kill an entire lawn in a single season. WinLAWN uses broad-spectrum antifungal sprays based on your type of grass and the damaging infection to fight it.

Insect and Pest Control – At critical points in the year (especially in the spring and summer months) insects and other pests can quickly damage your lawn, leaving it yellow and sickly looking. WinLAWN uses an extensive inventory of products to protect your property. We make sure to only use top of the line, proven products for our pest control treatments.

Seeding – We are happy to overseed fescue grass pretty much any time of the year, but it’s highly recommended that all fescue lawn owners’ overseed in the early fall right after they aerate their lawn. We do not recommend overseeding Bermuda or zoysia lawns and instead recommend replacing dead areas with sod pieces. Lawns that are completely and utterly infested with weeds often benefit from a full kill where all the current weeds and grasses are killed. Then a few months later sod or fescue seed can be put down to regrow a weed-free lawn.

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