Woodstock, GA Lawn Care Service

Woodstock Lawn Care Service

Customized Lawn Care Maintenance

A healthy lawn needs year-round attention by people who know what they’re doing. That’s why WinLAWN offers science-based lawn care solutions to Woodstock, GA homeowners, and property owners. When combined with watering and proper mowing, our lawn treatment plans can help maximize your lawns potential. As a leader in the Woodstock lawn care service industry, with 100’s of accounts in the area, WinLAWN is here to help!

Proper mowing and watering are straightforward lawn care musts. But what comes after that? Pre-emergent weed control? Weed killers, that won’t harm your lawn? Lawn fertilization that won’t burn out your lawn? Does your lawn need a treatment of lime? Most homeowners wing it through trial and error but often give up after a short period of time. WinLAWN takes the guesswork out of what goes into a proper Woodstock lawn care plan. And we do it affordably.

The right treatments applied at the right time can bring out the life and vitality in your lawn. A professional Woodstock lawn care service like WinLAWN ensures your lawn will get the right treatments applied at the right time. And we spare no expense using the best combination treatments in the industry that include weed control, lawn fertilization, and an application of lime. Other services we provide include lawn aeration, seeding and overseeding, pest control, fungicide applications, and more.

We are truly your local neighborhood Woodstock lawn care service providing residents with comprehensive turf care. From our locally owned services centers, we can serve Woodstock and the greater north Georgia area with outstanding weed control and lawn fertilizing services. Our goal remains the same, upon which we have always stood, which is to provide our customers with a superior, personalized lawn service. Built on the winning principles of WinLAWN, we are committed to providing the highest quality Woodstock lawn service available. Contact us today for a free quote!

Our Standard Lawn Treatment Plan offers:

• 8 Lawn Treatments Per Year
• Broad-Spectrum Weed Control
• Broad-Spectrum Pre-Emergent Applications
• Liquid and Granular Fertilization
• Nitrogen and Organic Fertilizers
• Lime Treatment

Other Related Services –

• Overseeding
• Aeration
• Fungicide Applications
• Pest Control

What Goes Into a Comprehensive Lawn Care Service?

1) Weed Control – Weed control on lawns in the “Empire State of the South” is a year-long concern because of Georgia’s subtropical climate and because mild winters don’t always kill annual weed species. Various techniques and management tips can help control and eradicate weeds that will invade your lawn. Weeds by nature are very prolific seed producers. An example is a single dandelion plant that can produce up to 12,000 seeds, or annual bluegrass can produce up to 2,000 seeds per plant. As plants, weeds function just like any other plant – they need water, sunlight, and nutrition to survive. There are different techniques in ridding your lawn of weeds, involving herbicides, organic chemicals, and pre-emergent weed control applications. A thick, healthy lawn is a natural deterrent to weeds infesting a lawn as dense turf, especially zoysia and Bermuda lawns, can lock out many weeds because the turf is so dense. Regular watering helps a lawn compete by encouraging deeper root growth that dispels weed growth. When mowing a lawn, set the mower to mow at the highest setting because grass grows thicker to shade weak seeds, making it harder for them to grow. Also, regular lawn fertilization can strengthen your lawn as it competes with weeds.

It isn’t easy for a homeowner to battle weeds throughout the year. That is why WinLAWN is here to provide a professional and affordable Woodstock lawn care services, including weed control that creates great value for our customers.

2) Lawn Fertilization – When a homeowner visits a Lowes or a Home Depot, the number of different fertilizer products available for purchase is dizzying. What to use? What not to use? Here are some lawn fertilization basics:

• Liquid – Liquid lawn fertilizers are fast-acting and they offer even coverage because they can be connected to a spray truck or garden hose for proper application. Applying a liquid lawn fertilizer produces results that are often seen almost immediately although manufacturers are finding ways to make liquid lawn fertilizer time released. With liquid lawn fertilizers, the lawn receives nutrients quickly, and it often perks up in no time assuming there is enough moisture in the soil and grass blades. WinLAWN often uses liquid lawn fertilizers mixed with broad-spectrum weed killer and/or pre-emergent weed control in single lawn treatments.

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