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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Golf courses are typically known for their stellar green turf. Rolling greens and beautifully manicured landscapes set the bar for what everybody aspires to achieve in terms of lawn care for their homes. When it comes to lawn care and maintenance, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to consult with professionals who maintain those glorious golf greens? provides just that. The website is geared towards golf superintendents, but there is a lot of value for homeowners and lawn care professionals to be gained from the information on their website.


The website is a forum for professional golf course superintendents. It is a membership service for professionals, and it offers a variety of services for golf superintendents. Job listings, used equipment sales, seminars, web tutorials, weed control recommendations, and an online community where people can go to troubleshoot maintenance and care issues when it comes to turf care are just a few benefits membership to the site has to offer. All of these can be extremely useful to homeowners as well as professional lawn care services.

Turf Care Content offers some of the most versatile and useful information for those who are looking to raise a showcase-worthy lawn and landscape. Because it is explicitly geared toward demanding professional golf superintendents, we know the information they provide is top-notch. Having the ability to connect with other lawn care professionals in the golf industry to troubleshoot, give advice, and offer expert turf care knowledge provides members with priceless benefits.

Turf Care News

Here, users can follow up on some of the most recent trends and topics occurring in the field of turf care. Newsworthy topics are really anything of interest to lawn service professionals and could feature a particular superintendent, information on upcoming events, lawn fertilization tips, weed control advice, or news about scientific lawn treatment breakthroughs.

Recent Videos

This section of the website is dedicated to videos that offer great advice and information on all things turf care. Videos can be searched by category or professional and include Tips and Tricks, Randy Wilson, Frank Rossi, On Course with Kevin Ross, Hector’s Shop, Profiles, Other, Product Showcase, and many other videos as they relate to lawn maintenance.

TurfNetTV Tips and Tricks

These videos are an incredibly valuable resource as they offer professional tips, tricks, and advice for keeping a lush, green lawn. While it is geared towards golf superintendents, these tips and tricks are still extremely useful to anybody who is looking to enhance their yard care skill set and maintain beautifully healthy grass that is both disease-free and weed-free.

The Turfgrass Zealot Project

This section is devoted to TurfNet radio. It is offered by Dave Wilbur, a golf superintendent professional, and it is a radio show dedicated to all things golf turf. Of course, much of the information is still applicable to professional lawn services as well as homeowners who aspire to have golf-green worthy lawns and landscaping. Listen to the most current radio show or search past shows by topic.

On Course with Kevin Ross

This section of offers advice and information in video format from Kevin Ross, a golf course agronomist. While many of the videos are geared specifically toward golf course care, there is a lot of information and useful videos that apply to anybody and everybody who needs sound turf care advice or knowledge.

Frank Rossi Frankly Speaking

How would you like to have premier access to information from a Ph.D. who is an associate professor of turfgrass science at an Ivy League University? In these videos, you can. Frank Rossi is a professor at Cornell University, and in these pages, he offers valuable information and insights on turf care that can be applied on all levels, whether you are a homeowner, lawn care professional, or golf superintendent.


In these pages, offers free webinars from University. Webinar events are free for everyone. However, only members can access archived webinars. This page showcases upcoming webinars. To view free upcoming webinars, register online on this page and follow the directions to log in and learn about important areas of interest in turf care.

Twitter Feed is on Twitter, and here you can follow their Twitter feed. Tweets cover a variety of topics and issues including job postings, relevant articles in turf care, TurfNet events and news, links to radio shows and videos, and much more. Follow TurfNet on Twitter for the most up-to-date news on what is happening in the TurfNet world.

Jobs Board for the Green Industry

These pages are job postings for green industry professionals. Postings offer a short job title, description, salary and pay provided, as well as the date posted. Job postings are generally for members only, however, non-members can view job postings and may purchase job listings for $55 each. Resumes on this page are free for everybody.


This page is dedicated to buying and selling used equipment and gear for those in the industry. Lawn care professionals can find lawn spraying equipment, lawn aerators, lawn maintenance machinery, irrigation, and a variety of other merchandise associated with grass care. Listings are free for TurfNet members, and non-members may purchase listings for $75 each. offers exclusive membership benefits to those who are interested in turf care, lawn care, landscaping, and all things green. While it is mainly geared towards golf course professionals, the information provided in these pages is beneficial to anybody looking to up their turf game. Homeowners, lawn care companies, and other green lawn care professionals can benefit from unlimited website access.