Top Links – Lawn Diseases
February 3, 2016
Top Links – Lawn & Landscape Care
February 3, 2016

Research a wide variety of yard pest related information sources on the internet. Our link guide provides access to some of the best outdoor pest related websites, sites with great pest control tips and advice, and other related resources.   View Link Guides

Lawn Pest Resources

ARBICO – research a well done picture directory of pests.

Bug Guide – large picture based directory of insects.

Clemson – directory of lawn pest research.

Cornell – picture guide of lawn pests.

Cornell – insect diagnostic lab.

Insect Identification – huge site with tons of insect pictures and info.

Iowa St. – turf insect blog.

Kansas State U – info on common lawn pests in Kansas.

LSU – lawn and garden insect guide.

MSU – turf insect research center.

MSU – pest management info.

NCSU – lawn and garden insect guide.

NCSU – great insect research doc.

Penn St. – research about turf pests.

Planet Natural – solid directory of lawn and landscape pests.

Purdue – directory of entomology publications.

Purdue – lawn pest information.

Sod God – very unique and cool lawn pest page.

Texas A&M – a large directory of forest, landscape and lawn pests.

U Cal – information about lawn pests and treatment options.

U Cal – invasive and exotic pests.

U of FL – turf grass insect information and research.

U of FL – insect research guide.

U of FL Bug Search – huge list of insects in Florida.

U of FL Bug Records – book of insect records. Very interesting!

UGA Bugwood – large directory of insects.

U of Kentucky – insect and pest info.

U of Maryland – nice directory and information guide of common lawn and landscape pests.

U Mass – lawn insect and mite research guide.

U of Minn –  all about lawn and turf root feeding insects, grubs, etc.

U of Missouri – insect research docs. 

U of Nebraska – a variety of lawn and garden research.

U of Tenn – 19 page PDF that documents a wide variety of lawn pests.

U of Tenn – lawn insect guide.

Utah St. – directory of turf insects and diseases.

Washington St. – lawn and garden pests.

Damaging Lawn Pests

Armyworms –  Google  Google Images  UGA  UGA Extension  U of A  U Cal  U of FL  U of I  Penn St.  Purdue  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Billbugs/Grubs –  Colorado St.  Google  Google Images  GreenCast  MSU  Ok St.  OSU  Penn St.  U Cal  U of FL  UGA  U of Nebraska  Wikipedia  YouTube

Chinch Bugs –  Google  Google Images  MSU  Ohio St.  Penn St.  UGA  UGA Newswire  U of FL  Savannah Now  Texas A&M  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Cutworms –  Farmer’s Almanac  Google  Google Images  U Cal  UGA  U of Minn  NC State  Purdue  Safer  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Green June Beetle/Grubs –  Bug Guide  Canoe Corner  Dave’s Garden  Google  Google Images  NC State  Penn St.  U of Arkansas  UGA  UGA2  UGA Urban Ag  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Japanese Beetle/Grubs –  ARBICO  Google  Google Images  MSU  NCSU  UGA Urban Ag  U of FL  U of Ill  UK  U Minn  UW  Penn St.  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  YouTube

Masked Chafer/Grubs –  Google  Google Images  MSU  OSU  Science Daily  U Cal  UGA  UNL  UK   Walter Reeves  Wikipedia (Northern)  Wikipedia (Southern)   YouTube

Mole Crickets –  Amdro  Bug Guide  Google  Google Images  UGA  U FL  NCSU  TX A&M  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  Wikipedia Tawny  Wikipedia Southern  YouTube

Red Imported Fire Ants –   Google  Google Images  OK St  UC Riverside  U Cal  UGA  U FL  TX A&M  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  USDA  YouTube

Scale Insects and Mealybugs –  AOS  AU Dept Ag  BugGuide  Google  Google Images  TX A&M  U FL  UGA  RHS  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia Scale  Wikipedia Mealybug  YouTube Scale  YouTube Mealybug

Sod Webworms –  Google  Google Images  MBG  MSU  NCSU  Penn St.  Planet Natural  U Cal  U of FL  U of FL2  UGA  U Mass  U MD  UNL  U Tenn  TX A&M  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

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