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February 3, 2016
Lawn Weeds Guide
February 4, 2016

Search some of the best online resources for information about grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds, weed control, and other weed related topics. Find information about pre and post-emergent herbicides, picture galleries of weeds, and advice from weed control experts.   View Link Guides

Weed Control Resources

Auburn – weed identification guide.

Clemson – provides access to research for dozens of common weeds and topics. 

Cornell – a great lawn weed directory.

DIY Network – tips on how to deal with weeds.

Fine Gardening – tips about dealing with weeds in gardens without using herbicides.

Landscape Management – A+ ‘Weed Watch’ from Dow AgroSciences.

LSU Ag Center – up to date site of weed control advice, herbicide recommendations, and more.

Michigan St. – directory of weeds from the Michigan State staff.

Michigan St. – another directory of weeds from the school.

Monsanto – directory of products from one of the largest weed control manufacturers.

National Gardening Association – directory of lawn weeds.

NC State – large directory of weeds common in the North Carolina region.

NC State – interesting directory of weeds, sedges, and grasses.

Penn St. – a great directory of weeds that is loaded with information.

Preen Weed ID Gallery – a well done picture directory of weeds found throughout the United States.

Royal Horticultural Society – lawn weed resources and directory.

Rutgers – lawn weed guide and informative resources.

The Family Handyman – some interesting tips and advice to deal with weeds.

The Pond Guy – interesting information about weeds that are found around bodies of water.

U of Arizona – review an old-school directory of weeds.

U of Arkansas – turfgrass weed control database.

U Cal – a well done weed identification and photo directory.

U of FL – a weed directory.

UK – lawn weed guide.

U Mass – a large directory of lawn weeds.

U of Maryland – lawn weed identification.

U of Missouri – a well done directory of weeds.

U of Nebraska – weed guide and informative research.

U of Tennessee – research a picture directory of weeds.

Virginia Tech – weed identification guide.

Walter Reeves –  a variety of broadleaf weed, grassy weed, and weed control information and advice from “The Georgia Gardener”.

Link Guides