Top Links – Tree & Shrub Diseases

Top Links – Tree & Shrub Pests
February 3, 2016
Top Links – Lawn Diseases
February 3, 2016

Research a wide variety of internet resources that cover the full spectrum of tree and shrub disease research, tips, advice and directories.   View Link Guides

Tree & Shrub Disease Resources

AL Extension – tree and shrub pathogen research docs.

APS – plant and tree disease research.

Clemson – insects and diseases of trees.

Cornell – tree and shrub clinic fact sheets.

Kansas St. – large directory of lawn and landscape diseases, pests, and more.

LSU – insect and disease research docs.

Michigan St. – tree and shrub channel with pathogen info.

Missouri Botanical Garden – diseases and disorders research.

Penn St. – great website for lawn, tree, and plant disease info.

Royal Horticultural Society – tree and plant pathogen research.

Texas A&M – a large directory of landscape pests.

U of Arkansas – Arkansas plant diseases database.

UGA – common landscape diseases.

UK – research about disease in ornamentals.

U. of Illinois – tree and shrub disease guides.

U of Nebraska – plant and tree disease guide and research.

U of Maryland – directory of tree diseases.

U of Maryland – directory of shrub diseases.

U Mass – tree and shrub pathogen research.

U of Minnesota – tree and shrub disease info and research.

U of Tennessee – tree and shrub disease research.

U of Tennessee – PDF of tree and shrub diseases.

U of VA / VA Tech – plant, tree, and shrub pathogen research.

Walter Reeves – online resource for lawn, tree, and shrub disease research.

Damaging Tree & Shrub Diseases

Bacterial Diseases – Google  Google Images  NCBI  Ohio St.  UGA  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Fungal Diseases – Google  Google Images  Purdue  U Cal  U of FL  UGA  UGA3  U Illinois  U Minn  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube 

Plant Parasitic Nematodes / Roundworms – APS  Google  Google Images  NCBI  Ohio St.  U FL  UGA  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  YouTube  

Viral Diseases – APS  Google  Google Images  Ohio St.  Penn St.  Texas A&M  UGA  U of Illinois  U of MD  Walter Reeves  YouTube

Botrytis Blight / Gray Mold – Clemson  Cornell  Google  Google Images  MBG  NCSU  Penn St.  UGA  UGA2  UGA3  U Mass  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia

Fire Blight – APS  Clemson  Colorado St.  Cornell  Google  Google Images  MBG  NCSU  U of Arizona  U Cal  U FL  UGA  UGA2  U Kentucky  U Minn  USDA  U Tenn  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  WSU  YouTube

Fungal Leaf Spots –  Google  Google Images  MBG  NCSU  Penn St.  U of FL  UGA  UGA2  U of Illinois  U of Maryland  U Minn  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Leaf and Flower Galls – Cornell  CSU  Google  Google Images  Hilton Pond  Texas A&M  UGA  UK  U of MD  U Minn  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  YouTube

Leaf Rusts – Google  Google Images  U Conn  UGA  U of Maryland  U of Illinois  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube  

Powdery Mildew –  Clemson  Google  Google Images  Purdue  U of Illinois  U of Maryland  U of Minn  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  YouTube

Root Rot, Crown Rot & Dampting Off – Google  Root Rot Images  Crown Rot Images  Dampting Off Images |  APS  Clemson  MBG  NCSU  NMSU  Penn St.  UGA  U of Maryland  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Scab – APS  Google Search  Google Images  Iowa St.  Penn St.  U Cal  U of MD  U of Minn  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  Wikipedia Peach Scab  Wikipedia Apple Scab  YouTube

Seiridium Canker / Cypress Canker – Clemson  Google  Google Images  Oklahoma St.  U of Arizona  U of Arkansas  UGA  UGA2  U of Maryland  Walter Reeves  YouTube

Vascular Wilts – APS  Google  Google Images  MBG  MSU  Utah St.  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

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