U of Arkansas Lawn Care Research
May 23, 2017
USU Lawn Maintenance Research
May 23, 2017

If you’re like many homeowners in Georgia, Florida, or anywhere else in the country, you probably have a yard that requires regular lawn care. After all, that lawn, those trees, shrubs, and flower gardens don’t take care of themselves. Weeds, pests, and diseases are lurking everywhere in untreated lawns. So, where can professional lawn services and ordinary people get the resources they need to have a vibrant green grass and thriving gardens? Well, a great place to start is the University of Florida website that is loaded with a variety of lawn maintenance related information including lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more.

Extension & UF/IFAS

The University of Florida Extension offers professional lawn services, the scientific community, and homeowners a variety of lawn care related information that is provided primarily by the staff in their College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Since the 1990s, UF/IFAS has been offering electronic access to numerous useful publications to everyone who was looking for trustworthy info for important areas of their lives, like turf care. Back then, the university started producing CD-ROMS containing documents and handbooks. Their mission is delivering educational programs that prep users for addressing the critical challenges relating to sustaining communities, human wellness, food systems, and agriculture worldwide.

Valuable Lawn Care Research

The U of Florida lawn care research pages contain numerous helpful links for providing a wealth of useful information for homeowners with all types of lawn maintenance problems, including:

Residential Lawn Care

A lush green lawn is an asset to any neighborhood, as well as to the environment. Healthy lawns clean and cool the air, as well as raising property values. This page provides sage advice on how to deal with drought, managing turfgrass diseases, lawn pests, fertilization, general lawn care, and much more. So, whether you’re establishing a new lawn, need lawn repair, or are just working on greening up your current lawn, you’ll find what you need to know on this page and its links.

Lawn Care Doc Search

A great way to find lawn care related information on their website is simply by searching it. This search results page provides a wealth of turf care-related resources including lawn treatments, aeration, weed control, fertilization, and many other topics.

Weed Identification

Whether they’re in your lawn or invading your garden, weeds can be a significant problem for any homeowner. Getting rid of them can seem to be an exercise in futility, but not if you learn a little something about them. This UF page helps you to take the first step toward eradicating weeds by giving you the tools necessary for identifying what you’re dealing with. From American Black Nightshade to Yellow Woodsorrel, they’re all covered with pictures included to help you identify them.

Weed Science Fact Sheets

The next step in fighting those pesky weeds before they thoroughly destroy your lawn and crowd-out your flowers is to consult these fact sheets. From general info about everything from herbicide application techniques, to lawn spraying guidelines, to sprayer calibration, there are resources about everything you’ll ever need to know about weed control. And, from lawns to crops and even natural areas, these fact sheets have the ability to arm you against weeds of all kinds in any season.

Yard Pests

It’s true that it doesn’t take many lawn pests to destroy your lawn and landscaping. Where there’s one, there’s probably an army of them. Knowing exactly what to do to get rid of them without injuring your delicate plants and turfgrass can be difficult but when you’re armed with the massive amounts of info on this page, as well as its many informative links, can help you to do just that. From ants to weevils and everything in-between, all those destructive yard pests are covered in-depth to help you implement sound pest control strategies.

Lawn Diseases

So, you’ve conquered your weed and lawn pest problems, but now you’re trying to deal with lawn diseases that you’ve never seen before. Is it dollar spot, fairy rings, slime mold, or rust? Identifying what lawn disease you’re looking at is a must for making your lawn healthy again. This page covers a number of common turfgrass diseases and has links to pictures and descriptions to help yard services and property owners identify problems and heal lawns.

Plant Diseases

You’ll be amazed by the sheer number of plant diseases that can mar the beauty of your yard. And, if you’re having a problem with disease attacking your plants, you probably know how important it is to control them, starting with identifying which one you’re dealing with. You may even have multiple plant diseases that require attention, making it even more of an urgent matter. Plant diseases can wipe out your garden quickly, so this page should be of specific interest to you.

Turfgrass Types

Selecting a new type of grass or identifying the exact type of turfgrass that you already have in your yard is an important step towards proper grass care. From fescue, to Bermuda, to zoysia you’ll find concise descriptions and detailed closeup pics to help you to identify the type of lawn you already have or choose one to plant. You can learn about the varieties of each type of grass that are available and how to establish them.

Landscape Plants

Nothing can beautify your yard quite like colorful and interesting landscape plants. Choosing the right ones to plant to complete your landscaping plan can be tricky at best, so this page can be a big help. From low maintenance plants to ornamental shrubs and trees, it’s all covered. So, don’t leave the choice and care of your landscape plants to chance when you can be well-informed and armed with the latest plant info from Abelia to Yarrow on this page and its links.

So, armed with the advice and information on these University of Florida pages, you should have less to worry about because you’ll have the knowledge at hand that is necessary for proper lawn maintenance and plant care. If you decide, however, that it’s all too daunting for you and your busy schedule, then contacting a local lawn care service could be your best bet. You’ll still have the knowledge to oversee your beautiful lawn and gardens but without the work.