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U of Missouri Lawn Care Research
May 23, 2017
MSU Lawn Maintenance Research
May 23, 2017

The UMass Amherst Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) was founded in 2001. It was initially called the “Center for Agriculture” and is now part of the College of Natural Sciences. The school operates the UMass Extension Turf Program. The school’s agriculture and turfgrass programs are designed to support the community with great research and advice.

The area that can help homeowners the most with their many lawn maintenance and gardening questions is the Home Lawn & Garden page on their very comprehensive and user-friendly website. Homeowners and lawn care professionals alike know that the UMASS CAFE pages can always be trusted for complete and concise info in every area of landscape and lawn maintenance including weed control, turf care, lawn treatments, green lawn advice, and more.

Valuable Research

You can count on the UMASS website to provide the most up-to-date critical knowledge available for maintaining your yard, including:

Turf Care

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about lawn maintenance and turf care all in one place. Thus UMASS fact sheets link gives you the option of searching by keyword or topics, which include cultural practices, diseases, insects and mites, nematodes, soil management, water, and weeds. So, whether you have questions about Kentucky bluegrass, bacterial wilt, white grubs, or weevils, you’ll find it all here.

Lawn & Garden Care

On this UMASS Home Lawn & Garden Lawn Fact Sheets page, you can search either by keywords or by choosing one of the many garden and lawn care subjects on the list. These include subjects like thatch, ants in your lawn, crabgrass management, lawn fertilization, mowing your lawn, sod webworms, and a host of other pertinent lawn maintenance subjects for your perusal.

Weed Directory

This UMass Extension Weed Herbarium link is your weapon against the weeds that are trying to overtake your once-beautiful lawn and garden. And, you can search for them by their common, scientific, or family names. From agrimony to zoysia and everything in-between, if you’ve got weeds, you’re sure to find them here along with some proven methods for weed control.

Weeds Topics

If you own or run a lawn care service company or are simply a homeowner with a yard that requires constant plant and lawn maintenance, then it’s important to garner a basic understanding of how weeds grow and reproduce, as well as their life cycles. This UMASS link contains numerous optimum strategies for weed control from broadleaf plantain to white clover.

Turf Diseases

Turf diseases can be as confusing as they are destructive, and proper lawn care requires some background on the best management practices for all kinds of them. From dollar spot to red thread, pythium diseases, necrotic ring spot, and gray leaf spot, you can learn all about those insidious diseases that can damage or destroy your lawn from these UMASS disease fact sheets.

Professional Turf IPM Guide

At last, here is a Professional Turf IPM Guide from a trusted source that you can sink your teeth into whether you’re a lawn care professional or a homeowner. From Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to assessing the site conditions, implementing a management decision, evaluating the results, and keeping accurate records, it’s all in here and in great detail.

Landscape Diseases

These landscape disease fact sheets are quite comprehensive and can be a big help in effective landscape disease control. You can search by keyword or choose from the extensive list of landscape diseases from anthracnose to blights, cankers, galls, leaf spots, needle casts, phytoplasmas, powdery mildews, root diseases, rust diseases, vascular wilts, and many other topics.

Turf Pests

Controlling insects and mites can take a great deal of time and effort unless you know more about them, and that’s why these fact sheets are so helpful. You can also search in this section by keyword or choose from the list of subjects including techniques for monitoring annual bluegrass weevils, cutworms, sod webworms, and grubs, as well as recognizing beneficial lawn insects.

Landscape Pests

Insects and mites seem to be everywhere these days, and these fact sheets can be beneficial in the seemingly endless fight to control them. From defoliators like Asiatic garden beetles to winter moth identification and management, it’s all here along with in-depth management tools, plus insect images and identification, as well as insects sorted by damage type.

Lawn & Garden Problem Q&A

Now, this is a section that really makes it easy for you to identify a lawn and garden issue because a nice clear close-up picture accompanies each heading. So, whether you have questions about mole damage, invasive vines, peach scab, red spots on azalea leaves, blister beetle, and several other subjects like trimming your arborvitae you’ll find answers here.

So, now that you’re armed with all of this extensive UMASS data, garden and lawn maintenance should be a lot less daunting on the other hand, you still feel overwhelmed by it all, by all means, call your local lawn care service and put your lawn and garden in their capable hands.