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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Knowledge is power, and that holds true when it comes to lawn maintenance, tree and shrub management, and turf care. It’s hard to know everything about yard care, but that’s not a problem if you know where to go to for all the answers. A great resource for helping lawn care services and homeowners with their yards is the University of Minnesota Extension website. You’ll find a wealth of information on their site from lawn treatments to pest control and so much more.

Since 1909, citizens of Minnesota have been turning to the UMN Extension for the sharing of knowledge of a variety of important subjects. From the 4H clubs of the early 1900s to green tourism in the 21st century, UMN Extension has been helping people in numerous areas of their lives that involve subjects like Agriculture & Food, Natural Resources, and Youth, as well as Families & Nutrition. And, the fact is that you don’t even have to reside in Minnesota to get plenty of good advice from the UMN website, property owners, turf care professionals, and lawn services from across the country can benefit from this information.

Valuable Lawn Maintenance Research

Lawn Care

No matter what your favorite tree, shrub, or flower may be, having a weed-free and green lawn is usually the most important goal for any yard. And, keeping it looking good can be a full-time job. With the help of the lawn info available from UMN, you can stay on top of all your lawn issues easily and effectively. So, green it up and make your lawn maintenance problems a thing of the past.

Lawn and Garden Pests

One of the most challenging tasks for many homeowners is identifying and treating pests that attack lawns, shrubs, and trees. This channel is loaded with insects categorized into 10 categories. Two of the most important categories, naturally, are their Lawn Pest and Tree & Shrub Pest channels available through this page.

Lawn Care Doc Search

This link provides a search of the UMN website database for all things relating to lawn care. In these results, you will find information about weed control, lawn fertilization, turf care, lawn mowing, lawn aeration, and other lawn maintenance related topics.

Weed & Weed Control Doc Search

On this page, you will find all the documents in the UMN website database that includes information about weeds and weed control. The pages are filled with information about lawn treatment and herbicide recommendations, lawn spraying equipment, and other related weed control topics.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization can be difficult for a variety of reasons. First, there are so many different products on the market, and each grass type has different needs.  Secondly, using spreaders and liquid lawn treatments can be a nightmare. This page helps homeowners and yard services with their lawn fertilization knowledge.

Plant Diseases

This page provides an in-depth directory of plant, tree, shrub, and lawn diseases.  From fungal diseases to bacterial infections of plants, you will find a vast array of information and education resources through this channel.

Diagnosing a problem

The website’s diagnostics tools can be beneficial when you need to identify a specific insect or weed that is attacking your plants or for diagnosing other plant disease problems. It can even help you to figure out if a particular plant in your yard is a weed rather than a pretty little flower. Other diagnostic resources include their:  Plant Disease ClinicSoil Testing LaboratoryOnline diagnostics course.

UMN Master Gardener Program

This is a fantastic program that benefits environmental education programs, schools, farmers’ markets, community gardens, and youth programs. In 2016, Minnesota Master Gardeners had 2,336 active volunteers who volunteered for 142,194 hours during the year. In addition, these volunteers stayed up-to-date on all of the current horticultural techniques and topics by completing 26,831 hours.

The UMN Extension is like WebMD for yard care! With so many options, your lawn and garden have a much better chance of thriving and being beautifully green!