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May 23, 2017
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Utah State University (USU) was founded in Logan, Utah, in 1888 and focuses on agriculture, domestic arts, and mechanic arts. USU Extension was founded in 1914 and now has offices in every single county in the state, except for Daggett County but it’s served by the office in Uintah County. Through this program, educators and faculty are facilitating numerous programs and conducting research aimed at meeting the citizens’ needs at each location.

The USU Extension has a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture and UT county governments whereby they are enabled to offer access to valuable educational program areas, several which have a focus on lawn maintenance and garden-related initiatives, including:

  • Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Gardening
  • Home, Family & Food
  • Utah 4-H & Youth

The USU Extension provides a wealth of lawn care related advice, weed control tips, and other lawn maintenance related research that can help lawn care services and property owners have perfect, weed-free, green lawns they desire. The school offers online degrees in Horticulture (MPSH), Landscape Management (Cert), Ornamental Horticulture (AAS, Cert), Plant Science (BS), Residential Landscape Design and Construction (BS).

Valuable Lawn Maintenance Research

As a reputable and trusted resource for everything that is lawn maintenance, USU has a wealth of in-depth documents, research, and field guides related to landscape and  lawn care including information about lawn diseases, weeds, weed control, lawn treatments, pest control, general yard care, and more:

Lawn Care Topics

There are so many turf care related topics to be explored, and this link does it all. From establishing your lawn to lawn fertilization, irrigation, aerations, weed control, and regular lawn maintenance, these step-by-step guides from USU can mean the difference between a lush green lawn and a dead brown one. So, don’t leave any of it to chance. Be prepared instead.

Lawn Care Doc Search

This link contains thousands of documents that you can either search by keyword or scroll through the list of lawn care subjects. From earthworms in your lawn to lawn fertilization, you’ll find every kind of document imaginable to help you with your lawn care regimen. There’s even a PDF document about simplified lawn care and who doesn’t want their life to be simplified?

Weed Guides

From almonds to watershed facts, there’s not much that’s lawn and garden related that are not covered by one of these USU field guides. Need a guide book about common weeds? Got it. How about veggies, fruits, and herbs? This USU field guides page has that, too. There’s even one about wildflowers and another about grasslike plants, noxious weeds, and much more.

Weeds & Weed Control Doc Search

Yard and garden weed control is an important subject for many homeowners. The PDF documents in this USU search section cover those subjects whether you’re looking for spot lawn treatment methods or how to choose between an inexpensive plastic sprayer or a more expensive one. It also covers individual weed species, what they look like, and weed control methods. Narrow your search for things like lawn spraying techniques and equipment.

Turf Pests, Diseases, and Problems

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an integral part of lawn maintenance. There are so many possible turf pests, diseases, and problems that they can almost seem insurmountable. They’re really not, though. Armed with the IPM advisories, fact sheets, presentations, and info from the Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab, you don’t have to be plagued with any of them anymore.

Lawn Disease Doc Search

Getting lawn disease problems under control can be daunting but doesn’t have to be when you have experts like  USU Extension pathologists to guide you through methods for identifying and controlling them. These PDF documents can help homeowners and lawn services with everything from fungal diseases like necrotic ring spot to pink snow mold. Full lawn repair can be as easy as applying a single fungicide, but disease investigation and treatment from experienced and licensed turf care professionals is usually advised. Their license enables them to purchase commercial grade lawn treatment products that are needed for many pathogens.

Lawn Pest Search

You can learn all about important pest control subjects like Turfgrass Cultural Practices and Insect Pest Management in this USU lawn pest search section. Lawn pests can be a serious threat to your lawn care routine, and a big part of the problem is simply identifying those pests so that you can control them. You’ll find all of that and more from armyworms to white grubs.

Turf Insects

Lawn and landscape insects can be a menace to homeowners, pest control companies, and lawn services alike. Certain varieties of insects can damage or even destroy your lawn so these fact sheets can be a significant part of your arsenal against them. You can browse through slide presentations, news, IPM pest advisories, and educational videos, as well as downloading fact sheets. Armed with all this info, you’ll have those turf insects on the run in no time flat. Bye-bye bugs!

Tree & Shrub Pests

Now that you know a thing or two about lawn pests, tree and shrub pests could be the next subject to conquer to have the yard you want. You can browse advisories and info about ornamental pests and agricultural pests, as well as fruits and vegetables. You’ll also find weather info and other resources to help you keep your garden pest-free year-round.

YouTube Channel

These days, everybody is into videos, whether it’s for educational purposes or just everyday entertainment. From growing zucchini to removing stumps and pruning rose bushes, this USU YouTube page has it all. And, the 4H videos are lots of fun to watch, too. Also, if close up shots of bugs doesn’t creep you out too much, there are plenty of videos about pests to watch.

So, whether you’re located in Utah or somewhere else in this great country, the USU website can be a treasure trove of trusted info about garden and lawn care.