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Year-Round Lawn Care

Weed Control Services

WinLAWN is a leading lawn care company focused on providing comprehensive, year-round weed control and lawn fertilization services for homeowners and commercial property owners.

Our plans provide a perfectly balanced, year-round weed control and elimination program for our customers. We offer 8-application lawn treatment plans for all the major grass types in the area.

Pre-Emergent Applications – All of our lawns get treated with industry-leading pre-emergent applications designed to prevent weeds from germinating and taking root. The products we use are applied at key agronomic stages to prevent weeds before they become a problem in the first place.

Broad Spectrum Weed Elimination – During the course of the year, WinLAWN uses 3 or 4 different leading broad-spectrum weed control products to give our customers the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Selective Weed Killers – Grassy weeds such as nutsedge, crabgrass, and some broadleaf weeds require selective herbicides to eliminate. We have years and years of experience dealing with these one-off invaders that elude broad-spectrum weed control products and can apply products that may be required in these situations. Many weed varieties are biologically very similar to grass. Some weeds have also grown immune to most weed control products. These dynamics have resulted in selective herbicides needing to be used to kill specific weeds.

Weed Control Services

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control

  • Broad-Spectrum Weed Elimination

  • Comprehensive, Year-Round Lawn Care

  • Customized Plans Based on Grass Type

  • Plans Designed for Lawns in Georgia

  • Many Treatments Include Lawn Fertilization

  • Selective Grassy Weed Applications if Needed

Why WinLAWN?

  1. WinLAWN is a locally owned company that is trusted and reliable. Our weed control plans are customized for all of the major grass types in the area based on years of experience and research.
  2. Our weed control plans are a yearly cycle of various leading commercial-grade pre-emergents and broad-spectrum weed control products, and other select herbicides. We understand the weed growth cycle in Georgia and select the products we use accordingly to ensure the best coverage available.
  3. We often use combination treatments that include pre and post-emergent weed control products in the same application.
  4. We are a fully licensed and insured lawn care company.