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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

The state of Washington has some extremely unique conditions for growing and maintaining a beautiful green lawn and landscape. Yard care can be complicated because there are so many different agricultural and climate conditions existing in one place. There are wetlands, woodlands, mountains, and urban spaces to take into consideration. The beauty of such diverse conditions means homeowners and lawn care services have numerous options for landscaping. Washington State University’s Extension Program offers a unique perspective on the diverse landscape in the state and helps bring solutions to local problems to the public to help improve their quality of life.

About the WSU Extension Program

This program is learner-centered and collaborates with the university and the communities it serves. The result is accessible, high-quality education that is relevant and unbiased that includes a wealth of yard care related information. The extension program is offered to all residents of the state and is either free or low-cost for participants. The knowledge, expertise, and research of the experts at WSU through their Extension Program can be extremely beneficial to homeowners and green professionals at low or no cost.

Valuable Lawn Care Research

Many of the programs offered are through the Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences.

Lawn Care

Most homeowners could benefit from learning more about lawn care from experts in the field. These pages offer a wealth of information about yard care from start to finish. Many of the documents in these pages can be downloaded as a PDF for easy and quick reference and include colorful photos and detailed information on a number of lawn care topics. From primers to pesticides, you can read all about it in these detailed lawn care pages.

Lawn Care Document Search

This customized search allows users to research a specific topic in regards to lawn maintenance and turf care. Use this search to find information by campus. You can also look for research provided by particular faculty members or students and search through a plethora of information as it relates to lawn care, lawn treatments, lawn spraying, weed control, green lawn care tips, fertilization, or anything else related to turf care and lawn maintenance.

Weeds Directory

This directory is an incredibly vast resource for identifying weeds throughout the state. In these pages, users can browse through scores of invasive species by common name. Clicking on a specific species will bring up fact sheets that outline cultural, mechanical, biological, and lawn treatment methods for weed control. Pesticides that are listed in these sheets are ones that are legal for use within the state of Washington.

Weeds & Weed Control Document Search

Here, users can search the WSU website and directory for all things related to weeds and weed control. A simple search of weeds, weed control, and herbicides brings up many documents, including university research and published documents. Users can further narrow results by searching by a specific student or faculty member or by campus.

50 Page Weeds PDF

This WSU Extension Manual covers invasive weeds of Eastern Washington. The 52-page manual includes a brief introduction that explains why weed control is so important. Whether you are a homeowner, a green professional, or somebody who needs more information about herbicides, pesticides, or lawn spraying for weeds, this manual offers important information on identification and weed control for invasive species.

Gardening, Lawn & Weeds Publications

In these pages, users can find countless publications on agriculture, gardening, lawn, and weeds, among other topics. Each link directs you to another page where there are publications available for purchase on a specific topic, or users can download PDFs–many of which are free.

Hortsense Lawn/Plant Problems

When problems with lawns and gardens arise, you want to be able to find answers quickly and easily. These pages are dedicated to fact sheets for managing common landscape and garden plant problems. Here, you can find information about issues with ornamentals, small fruits, tree fruits, vegetables, lawn and turf, weeds, herbicide damage, cultural problems, disease problems, and insect, mite, and vertebrate problems.

Lawn and Turf Diseases and Pests

Diseases and pests can completely destroy a landscape if not properly identified and treated. In these pages, WSU provides fact sheets that outline strategies including cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical methods of treating diseases and pests. This page also emphasizes the use of pesticides only in conjunction with non-chemical treatments.


While many insects are beneficial to our lawns and gardens, there are several that can be detrimental to the overall health of our land. These pages offer insightful information on these pests and identify some of those most commonly found throughout the state. Each link opens to further information about specific pests as well as more in-depth information on topics such as which pests to watch for, organic treatments for particular problems, and much more.

Extension programs are available in most states throughout the country. The WSU Extension Program is a collaborative effort between CAHNRS and the residents of the state. The ultimate goal is to bring education into the communities to improve their lives. Programs offered allow residents to apply the teachings of WSU to their own homes and create a lawn, landscape, and garden that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and positively beautiful.