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A Yard Service You Can Trust

WinLAWN provides reliable yard care services that are backed by the best customer service in the industry and decades of experience. Yard care is not easy. It’s backbreaking. Equipment can break down. Most homeowners desire a beautiful lawn, but many are unable to achieve these results on their own. To the untrained person, it’s very confusing which weed control and lawn fertilization products need to be used to get the results they desire. Almost every product offers unique traits that only experienced people understand. Making the job even more challenging is that most homeowners can’t purchase the appropriate weed control products that commercial companies use because they need a license to obtain these chemicals.

WinLAWN helps homeowners with their yard care by offering eight treatment lawn care plans that take care of all their weed control and lawn fertilization needs. Our plans also help to condition your soil creating an environment where your lawn can thrive. At key times of the year, we will apply the appropriate commercial-grade pre-emergents on your lawn that will prevent weeds from taking root. We also use a variety of broad-spectrum weed control throughout the year that eradicates hundreds of weed types. When it comes to lawn fertilization, we’ve got that covered too. We have specially designed plans for each grass type in Georgia, including Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue grasses that will keep your lawn green and vibrant. Lime is also used as a soil conditioner to help optimize its pH balance, which creates a soil environment that allows better absorption of nutrients.

When it comes to pricing for our yard care plans, we believe there isn’t a better price/performance product available in the Georgia market. We apply combination treatments that include weed control and fertilization at times of the year when many other companies will give you just one or the other (without you knowing). Our equipment, trucks, and spray rigs are all modern and well-kept. We often get compliments about our fleet of vehicles, and we take great pride in having a polished image.

All of our employees receive training from our company’s founder and are true yard care professionals. We take great pride in exceeding the professionalism you expect from a yard care service. Our company has seen significant organic growth over the years thanks to happy customers referring our service to their friends and family. These customers tell us they admire our commitment trying to help them, and we think you will too! Contact us today for a free quote!

Yard Care Services

  • 8 Lawn Treatments Per Year
  • Broad Spectrum Weed Control
  • Pre-Emergent Applications
  • Liquid & Granular Nitrogen Based Fertilization
  • Liquid Organic Fertilization
  • Lime Application
  • Most Treatments are 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Combination Treatments

Other Services:

  • Lawn Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Fungicide Applications
  • Pest Control for Yards

Yard Care Guide

WinLAWN offers our clients world-class yard care service and have put together a Lawn Care Guide that covers dozens of the main topics relating to yard care. Take some time to navigate our lawn care guide that includes Broadleaf Weeds, Grassy Weeds, Popular Topics, and Lawn Care Research channels that is loaded with a large variety of information.