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Zoysia grass is sometimes labeled as a miracle grass in that it is extremely resilient and very thick, which helps to choke out weeds competing for resources. It is also very drought tolerant. It will go dormant in drought conditions and then spring back to life after watering or rain. While it is a slow-growing grass, it is wonderfully adapted to grow well in the Southern states due to its heat tolerance and drought resistance. It typically stays green much longer than Bermuda grass lawns.

About Zoysia Turf

This variety of grass is difficult to grow from seed, so it is best established by laying sod. Unlike most other types of turf, which recommend laying sod in fall, zoysia grass should be planted in late spring after the last threat of frost has passed. After establishment, this type of turf develops very deep roots and a very thick mat. It does this by spreading both above-ground through stolons and below ground through rhizomes. Not only does this help with drought resistance, but it also allows it to stand up to heavy foot traffic.

Zoysia Lawn Care

Zoysia lawn care is a little bit different than caring for other types of grasses. Because of the very thick carpet of grass, few weeds can penetrate it. However, the downside of such dense turf means that it needs to be carefully dethatched regularly to prevent diseases and fungal infections. Mow this variety of grass short to help prevent thatch development–it should generally be cut between 3/4″ and 2″ tall. Fertilize with a light hand with zoysia–less is typically more. An application of fertilizer a few weeks after the last expected frost will usually last through May. During the summer growing season, fertilizer should be carefully applied every 4-8 weeks. In the fall and winter, using nitrogen fertilizers is not recommended in zoysia lawn care routines unless the grass has been overseeded recently. It should be aerated with a core aerator in early spring after emerging from dormancy.

Our Zoysia Lawn Treatment Programs

Our lawn care services are designed to fit the needs of our customers. We are a locally owned and operated, licensed lawn care company that believes our customers’ satisfaction is the #1 priority. We use only professional lawn spraying equipment and provide our customers with industry-leading value. Our Standard Lawn Treatment plan provides thorough and comprehensive lawn care at an exceptional value. With our Standard Plan, customers can expect to receive eight lawn treatments per year with each one being done by a WinLAWN trained professional for year-round fertilization, lime applications, and weed control. Our treatments are not only timed for key agronomic stages in your lawn and landscape’s growth cycle for optimal results, but most of them are 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 treatments. What that means for our customers is they are getting more value and better results from a single treatment. We are able to accomplish in our eight annual treatments what it takes most other lawn care services 9-12 treatments to achieve! Our lawn care treatment programs are customized and tailored to meet specific client needs. Our Zoysia Lawn Treatment Program is designed specifically to fertilize at key times throughout the growing season and treat for pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds all year long.

Each lawn is unique, and each variety of grass has different lawn care needs and maintenance schedules. Zoysia grass is a wonderful variety to grow in Georgia as it is heat and drought tolerant and can stand up to heavy foot traffic. It also has specific challenges that are unique to this particular species of turf. At WinLAWN, our trained professionals have the expertise and experience necessary to care for your Zoysia lawn. Our Standard Treatment Program can be tailored specifically toward zoysia lawn care with special attention toward fertilizing at the right times and treating for weeds year-round. With our zoysia lawn care program, you can be sure your yard will flourish.

WinLAWN Lawn Care Guide

We operate one of the best lawn care guides on the internet that is loaded with great information about zoysia lawn care. From lawn fertilization to weed control and mowing, our lawn care guide is packed with great information and research tools. Need to know about watering a lawn? Advice on dealing with grassy weeds in zoysia lawns? It’s all here for you to take in.