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In addition to our lawn care plans, we also offer a variety of other lawn care services to help prepare your lawn and landscape for success. Please review the benefits our additional services provide and contact us with any questions or to request a free quote!

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is a great way to make the most of your lawn. Aerating your lawn removes plugs of soil and suffocating thatch. Thatch is a dead layer of grass that builds up on the soil. Aeration allows water, air, and fertilizer to get deep into the root system and allows your lawn to breath. It also helps to reduce puddling and moist conditions that can lead to lawn diseases. We highly recommend a lawn aeration on Bermuda and zoysia lawns in the spring and fescue in the fall. Learn more.

Grassy Weed Applications

Grassy weeds in Georgia are notorious for taking over lawns that are not treated regularly. These weeds are difficult to treat because they are biologically very similar to regular grass and evade most of the common broad-spectrum weed control products used by licensed lawn care companies. We work with customers by recommending selective grassy weed applications that will help groom these invaders from your lawn. Learn More

Disease Control

If you see unusual dead spots in your lawn, it could be battling a fungus. Lawn fungus in Georgia is usually characterized by brown dead areas, blades shriveling up, lesions on the grass blade, and sometimes dark growth near the roots. Common fungal problems in Georgia are often caused by overwatering, high humidity, improper mowing height, and compacted soil. It can kill lawns, leave dead spots, and make your lawn look sickly. WinLAWN uses commercial-grade broad-spectrum antifungal lawn sprays to eliminate the fungal overgrowth allowing your lawn to flourish. Learn more.

Pest Control for Yards

Control what bugs you! Nuisance critters like ants, fleas, ticks, and grubs not only infest your lawn, but also bite your family, guests, and pets. We use leading broad-spectrum pest control products to kill these pests and to prevent them from taking up residence on your property. Learn more.

Lawn Seeding

If you have a fescue lawn, we recommend overseeding in the fall. We apply an even amount of seed throughout your lawn to thicken the grass, to crowd out certain weeds, and to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Learn more.

Why Choose WinLAWN?

When selecting a lawn fertilization and weed control company, there are many things to consider. We want you to know what makes WinLAWN different! Discover why you should choose WinLAWN.

How It Works

Contact us to Request A QuoteRequest A Quote so we can discuss your property and service options. We don’t make our customers sign contracts, and if you sign up for our lawn care service, we will provide ongoing services making your lawn green and healthy year after year until you cancel. Our lawn technicians will visit your property approximately every 45 days and apply a lawn treatment. Invoices are left on your door or mailbox.