Fescue Lawn Seeding

Fescue Lawn Seeding

Overseeding your fescue lawn is one of the quickest ways to radically improve the appearance of your yard and add value to your home. Overseeding provides numerous benefits including increased resistance to weeds, resistance to disease, and less likelihood of puddling on your property.

Fall overseeding is recommended because the amount of moisture in the ground over the winter allows the seed to grow better in the spring. The heat of the summer can burn out grass seed, so seeding in the fall is preferred because it gives the fescue grass 2 or 3 seasons of root growth before it faces the heat of summer.

We recommend aerating fescue lawns at the same time you overseed in the fall or spring (fall preferably). This allows the seeds to penetrate fertile soil better where it’s a better environment to germinate.

It is vital to keep the seed moist for the first two weeks after seeding for healthy root growth. Newly seeded fescue grass should be watered for at least two weeks and should never be allowed to dry out during this period. WinLAWN is ready to help!

Key Benefits

  • Fills in thin or empty areas of the lawn harmed by stress, disease, or pests
  • Thickens the lawn which prevents diseases, weeds, and pests
  • It makes your yard look beautiful
  • Adds value to your home

How it Works

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