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Lawn Treatment Service

WinLAWN® provides lawn treatment services in the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia area so homeowners and property managers can have lawns they love. We help customers keep their lawn and landscape looking beautiful and healthy. Our services include weed control, lawn fertilization, fungicide applications, fescue seeding, and pest control for yards. We also offer a treatment plan for ornamental tree and shrub care.

WinLAWN® has become one of the fastest-growing lawn services in the area by offering highly effective and affordable lawn treatment plans and back it up with excellent customer service. It’s not cheap or easy for a homeowner or property manager to apply pre and post-emergent weed control products and fertilizer to a lawn 8-10 times a year. We give homeowners and property managers the ability to conveniently outsource all this work and effort to professionals at a very affordable price.

Our lawn treatment programs are scientifically proven and rigorously field-tested, so the lawns we manage will be weed-free and green. We use granular and liquid organic fertilizers so our lawns will be green and healthy. We also use lime to condition soil, improve nutrient availability for lawns, and to stimulate soil ecosystems. Iron is added to our programs to make lawns a richer green. The end result is a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn!

  • 8 Lawn Treatments Per Year

  • Broad-Spectrum Weed Control

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control Applications

  • Liquid & Granular Nitrogen Based Fertilization

  • Liquid Organic Fertilization

  • Lime Application

  • Most Treatments are 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Combination Apps

Additional Lawn Care Services:

How It Works

Contact us to Request A Quote so we can discuss your residential lawn care needs and service options. If you sign up for our lawn care service, we won’t make you sign a contract, and we will provide ongoing services making your lawn green and healthy year after year until you cancel. Our lawn technicians will visit your property approximately every 45 days and apply a lawn treatment. Invoices are left on your door or mailbox.